Angel of Wrath (Alternate for Stillness)

Im not good at the method of STILLNESS of Angel of Wrath by Gordon Winterfield.
Is there an alternate for this?

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Any trance induction can be used.


I have read in another book that key is to enter what they call a alpha brain wave state. This is what allows you to perform magick according to the other book. INSTANT RESULTS : 100% PURE ALPHA BRAIN WAVES FOR STUDY, MEDITATION , FOCUS, INTELLIGENCE - YouTube

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I agree with @DarkestKnight here, but if you are a beginner or medium practitioner the stillness is focus mediation and it can be very important to work on your senses.
There is a summary of the stilness you can print so you have it with you for the first couple of times, just to practice.

Azazel works a lot on focus and energy too.

For example focus on your minds eye, your breath, your breath and then focus on the breathing with your heart (lay your hand on your heart).

It helps you get in the right state even if there are distractions.

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