Angel of Science


I’m new and have been reading up on evocation for some time. I am a natural psychic and sometimes get communications from different spirits. While in that “inbetween” state before falling asleep, I remember seeing an adrygynous being with otherworldly blonde hair. I particularly remember the beings lips…as it reminded me of an exes. This being was constantly “changing” hard to explain. Anyway, I woke up and did a divination and asked who it was. “Angel of Science” I got…and I got further cards basically saying to focus on ways to reason. Anyway…anyone know who this could be or had any similar experience?

Uriel could be a likely candidate there. Short answer cuz my phone is dying. lol

What method of divination did you use to determine this?

Since the original poster mentioned getting further cards I think the method of divination used was tarot. Just putting my two cents in since their hasn’t been an answer yet. lol

Yeah I didn’t catch that. I was just curious what divination would give “angel of science” as an answer. I was thinking he may have scryed or used a ouija to get the answer.

I actually used a random tarot generator…it choose the deck for me. Its from the William Blake tarot.

I’ve used stranger methods of divination with surprising results. Looks like it worked out for you. :slight_smile: