Angel magic experiences

I have been doing angel magic for more than a week,from the book by Ben Woodcroft
the rituals work for me, I feel a calm, positive, kind energy from them,also presence,
and already the next day I was doing a preparatory ritual of emergency protection
which connects with the archangel Michael,
I felt it the first day during that ritual, also pressure on the upper left side of the back ,and something on the head above
2 day pressure on the other side of the upper back and pain in the back of the neck and strong 3rd eye like pulsation,in the middle of the forehead, then the head again, trembling and then I was very cold,
and also a fine pain in the limbs for a moment
and the weirdest thing about it
when I was already in bed I couldn’t sleep, I felt some nervousness
and she heard some steps near my closet, which is about 2 meters from my bed
so I turned on the light with a lamp and after a while, about 5-7 minutes,
in my mind, when I had my eyes closed, I saw a man
it was quite a detailed picture as if I was looking at him as a kind of person in normal life
he looked light-skinned, dark hair, age approx. 30-35
he had something on his head like maybe some kind of headband and he looked at me with such a stern look,and also I’ve never seen that guy anywhere before
my question is who was it?
and it’s normal to see someone in your mind?


If you don’t know who it was, it’s unlikely we will.

If this happened to me, I would assume a random passing through got through my wards… Do you have wards and set clear boundaries about who is allowed to intrude on your space?

Banish and cleanse, get rid of it and be very clear about who you invite into your space, then you’ll always know who it is and not have rude people taking liberties when they’re not invited. That’s just rude.

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Before that, I did the banishment circle ,protection choir, enlightenment ritual before1-2 hours

It appears those either didn’t work, or, since you were working with Michael, your subconscious gave you an image of what that energy reminds it of.

Trust yourself. Write it all up in your journal and as you build more experiences to compare you will probably come to a conclusion in good time.

hmm oki thanks

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