Angel Hayiel from the 72 Angels of Magick by Damon Brand

So I was going though the book 72 Angels by Damon Brand I saw this Angel who has the power to give you greater control of Magick. It’s says some people believe it’s the first angel you should call. But since I already called several Angels for a few on going processes, is it still a good idea to call him to give me control of all of my magick that I’ve done so far and will do in the future?

Thanks for reading! Much appreciated :pray::heart:

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I would say yes, not just because, the more the merrier, but it sounds like you’ve planted the seed of doubt that you don’t have “control of all your magick” right now, and that could bring a spot of self sabotage into your working if you’re not careful, doing whatever you need to get rid of that would be helpful, imo, and this sounds as good an approach as any. :slight_smile:


Thanks! Much appreciated :heart: I really need my magick to work, so I feel like I should do it.

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One can always use more control over one’s magick, no matter how long someone has practiced so I concur, it’s a fine idea.


I’d actually check out this ritual they posted on their blog. It includes that angel and several others all for this sort of purpose, but each angel covers a different aspect of magickal power, or you could say magickal practice. I did the ritual back in the day, and I’d say it’s a pretty good one.

It’s not so much about gaining control of magick that you weren’t controlling before as it is about getting into a good “magick mindset” and bringing more sophistication into your practice. You see some occultists pop off, and some who don’t. I believe it all flows on from the practice. I put in the time to study and practice the occult for a variety of reasons. If all it were was chanting a bunch and daydreaming, I wouldn’t still be doing it.


Holy shit! That’s exactly what I was looking for! Thanks man, I really appreciate it :pray:

I already did a ritual to Netahiah for increasing my magick a few weeks ago. Is it okay for me to still do the whole ritual? Also I was planning to work with some of those Angels mentioned, but if I do the ritual you shared I don’t think I have any need to work with them separately again, right?

Do you guys have success with the Angelic Sigils Seals and Calls? It has the same angels. I am using it at the moment, but always love to hear your insights.

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Dog just do the magick don’t worry about it.


I have just started working with it, I’ll update when I receive my results.