Angel for employment

Hey guys. So, I petitioned the Archangel Menadel to retain my employment. I’m curious, has anyone ever called on this angel for a similar task with success? Really curious about this particular spirit.

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You should have faith in your petition. why you up on other’s success with doubt? Yes. your question is doubt.

If you want to know more about spirit. ASk him/her yourself since your working with spirit. Go to the source not 3rd party. I find it rude to ask another when the spirit is right there for you to know. It’s like me asking about someone from another person when i can just interact with the person in front of me. It makes it seem like gossip if asking someone else.

I would suggest you believe what you have done and prepare well for the job interview.

Good luck. :+1:

Asking other occultists what their personal experiences with a particular entity is not stupid. It’s a common question, & there isn’t much information about the entity on these forums. Quite frankly, I don’t care for the attitude. You completely misunderstood the question & my intention asking it. I expect you will throw in another jab at me.

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You are correct here.