Angel/Daemon for Trauma Recovery in Conjunction with Psychotherapy?

The subject was extensively sexually abused as a child by their father over a span of about 8-10 years, daily sodomy, rape, sometimes he would involve her brothers who didn’t really know what they were doing because they were children.

Subject has been receiving Psychotherapy for 1 year and 4 months, they are able to recall the specific events which occurred to them now, prior to the psychotherapy they would go through a cycle of remembering and then forgetting as a coping mechanism.

The ability to talk about what happened is a step towards living a more normal life, however it does not heal the trauma, it only allows the subject to walk while the weight pulls them down, rather than collapsing under it entirely.

Would there, could there ever be a way to truly heal and be free of this weight?

What spirits can you recommend, and to your knowledge how could they help?

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Hey, man. The brain is an organ, so you may have a shot with the most well known healers.

That being said, and following the same logic, you may try with Apollo if the subject is a male, since he is the protector of (male) kids, so it makes sense.

As much as Apollo’s healing aspect is usually overlooked, I can tell you the man CAN deliver.

Best wishes and please keep us updated.


The angel Lavel has the power to “overcome sorrow and torment.”

Trauma doesn’t heal, like a physical injury, because it is the holding of mental, emotional and spiritual, pain, particularly sorrow and grief. This angel can help your friend to release it.

The angel Haniel can aid in recovery from loss, as well as help to connect to the emotions, and stop repressing them.

Letana, the Encouraging Angel, from the grimoire Kingdoms of Flame, can “give courage and strength when despair prevails.”