Angel Celestina

Does anyone know about this angel? I would want to know more about her, there isn’t alot of information on her on internet. I am just interested if anyone have anything about her or experiences with her.

It isn’t a traditional angel name; so sounds more like it could be some other spirit or entity or god. my spidey senses say it’s maybe to do with European or UK/Irish folklore? I know there’s a mineral/crystal named Celestine, and it also reminds me of one of my favourite fantasy series, where the Celestines are a race of non-humans deeply connected to the earth, humanoid but with a third, completely black eye in the centre of their forehead, able to see into the hidden hearts of men, and they could communicate telepathically but were unable to speak.

Not much help, I know, but there’s an info-dump for you. Good luck.


Where did you hear the name?

Sounds to me like a pop culture thing, maybe from manga?

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I was thinking that name Cielia should be a nickname of a longer name. I thought and thought and just the name came to my mind. And for me the name feels very fammiliar. Also I found on the internet angel Celestina, but not very much