Angel barachiel vs barqiel/barkiel - same or not?

Hi guys,

I’ve always known that the angel Barachiel is one of the benevolent angels, and in fact he’s a member of the seraphim choir.

But if you look at this book:

you’ll see that Barachiel = Barakiel, and Baraqel = Barakiel, and it says that Baraqel is a fallen angel.

I’m totally confused! Who is who? Are they the same? Different? Which one is the benevolent angel?

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I’ve been wondering the same thing. It doesn’t help that one Baraqel/Barakiel is said to said to hold domain over lightning, and the other one over prosperity (from what I’ve gathered, since I’ve seen him associated with the planet Jupiter). A part of me wants to say that they’re both the same being, but I can’t find evidence supporting this.

Although, it should be taken into account that fallen angels still qualify as angels; they just aren’t working for God/Yehovah/Allah/etc anymore. And that demons and fallen angels have the capacity to be kind.


Berachiel is the Angel of Intuition from the 42 letter name. Barkiel is the Angel of Lightning from the same list.
As far as the other names, I know Berachiel has sometimes been spelled Berakiel and Beraqiel…