Angel and demonic pact

Hi. So i have to say its an honour to learn from you. I have all the books you wrote as well as the awaking n cronickles of
Lucifer so naturally I m a huge fan of your work. Being Monday I no you looking for a video to post on YouTube or at least I m hoping you are. I was wondering if it’s possible to work with angels while already having a pact made with the king BELIAL. So is it possible that you could please talk about the pros n cons in your video (I love watching them) and how we can protect against any cons. Thanks a million in advance please make a video on this please! Ur student and fan Reza

Angels will work with anyone, but they don’t do things that would be deemed ‘evil’ like killing/hurting someone (the angels I know). I think many satanists have or were born with familiar spirits to help them. But every human has a guardian angel that you can only contact if you reach out to them. I’m sure they’d be happy to hear from you.


Demonic pacts are made when Dedicating yourself to a specific demon/demoness for help in magical rituals

Thanx but I think I will stick with what I no. my pact with king Belial is working perfectly. Besides I really don’t think angels will do something I ask if it’s BANEFUL. I do wonder if angels can be used with demons. Is there an angelical pact like how we do it with demons?


Samael and Azrael


In my experience you can work with at least some angels and Belial simultaneously, I had a dual evocation of Raphael and Belial a couple of times. They are 9arguably0 both mercurial spirits, but they didn’t clash and did actually exchange information in a way that assisted me.


Hello. Lady Eva, that’s what I wanted to know if it causes duels of sorts between them… How do u no who’s a guardian angel assigned to you, and how do u make sure the big guy is cool with that spirit?

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Sorry I meant cool with that specific angel

And plz how do I invoke him to ask coz I tried but i think i did it wrong…want loa power. I read somewhere in the complete working that it finds you if I want it. How did it happen for u?

I don’t really work with a concept of guardian angels as such, I worked with the idea of a Higher Self which may or may not be related, so I’m not the best source on this, sorry - maybe @telgega or @ashtkerr, or someone else can provide more useful information. :slight_smile:


Define guardian angel, do you mean a guardian spirit that protects you or the hga which is the higher self?

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To be clear I am more comfortable with the King in evocation. Takes alot of time but I am more afraid of an angel taking hate to my king. I m still mastering evocation and LHP video. I m comfortable in dark n demons evocation takes time but I am getting there more n more quicker everytime. Belial is my trusted one so I rather do that. But the Loa thing how bad is the initiation. I m going thru that same Grimoire again with vodoun magick trying to find it. Legba or something. I m in South Africa so it should be easier. Thanks for your help as always. I Wana invoke coz I cannot hear at all. U always so helpful I thank you

Cool! Maybe evoke him and ask him to reveal to you iusing a method you can clearly understand whether or not this will be okay with him right now.

Ok some guy says guardian angel will give me lots of money on a triple 7 luck money n emotion n this person who controls them or whatever he does always asks for money, Alot with no results. False promises. So I evoked and said to Belial is this cool but can’t hear him. I just see like a movie and he manifested in full on Thursday but for like a second or 2. I was happy!!! But I can’t hear anything he says. Despite the works n all n how to and Enns I still can’t hear. Does this grow eventually

I should do it now? Ok.

By angels not doing anything baneful I meant the ones that subscribe to the whole right hand path ideals. If you want to talk to your guardian angel I think you just pray and try to sus them out with your intuition, if you try to reach out to them they should be aware and try to contact back.

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Ok cool got it thanks


Then specify that. There are plenty of angels that you can use for baneful workings.

Cool thanks. So you work with the angel of death? Wow can he/she do what we ask? Like hyperthaticaly if u want me to die or whoever and u conjure him/her he can do it if u tell/ask?

Wait let me refrase: will he obey u