I am going to evoke Andromalius soon, any tips on what I should do and I have got 2 eggs to give him I’m thinking of making a tea as well


As you offer these things to him, those will be boosted and boost you if you eat it, I believe.

For the sake of clarity though you wish to mention that to him, to enhance it. :slight_smile:

One of the last times I asked Lucifer to help upgrade my monster energy drink, between 3 candles, to boost it with all he perceives as nesessary for self-empwerment on the path, abs he did! :slight_smile: The effect was supernaturally AWESOME. I used to go to Krishna temples for the experience, in the past and they offer thzir food to be blessed by deities too and boost the food too. :slight_smile: so, have fun with experimenting with offerings. It also grounds your magick both because the ingestion and also due to working with matter. :slight_smile:


Do I have to eat it :joy: I don’t like eggs

Can I PM you?

Can you actually PM me I’m new to this haha