Andromalius the healer

Hi, I just wanted to share an anomalous experience I had with Andromalius.

I called upon him because I needed help digging up dirt on a malevolent person in my area and, as part of that, I ended up talking about the impact stress was having on me, especially my menstrual cycle.

As I was talking about this, I had the image that he was wanted me to take his snake into my chest. I associated this with the snake imagery of sacred smoke (smoking herbs and tobacco has been associated with magic and spiritual offerings for millennia) and decided to smoke a ciggy. I wasn’t really sure what was meant to happen but as I inhaled I sensed that snake entering through my breath and then felt a pressure release in my uterine area, and had the vision of something black and red being chased out.

Fast forward a month and my cramps have dramatically subsided and my cycle seems pretty normal for the first time in years.

I will let you all know when I learn more about the other issue but ime Andromalius is both keen to address medical issues and very intuitive and helpful in that area. It has been said that he seems to derive from the Greek healing snake god of Asceplius and I would second that.

Just so you all know, you can also call on Andromalius for acts of healing.

Thanks to Andromalius, for listening and providing :heart::heart:


Hail Andromalius.


that’s great to hear :slight_smile:

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Hail Andromalius! :snake: