Andromalius Thank You Ritual (offering eaten)

This is sort of a random topic but just sharing my experience with Andromalius when my offering had gotten eaten.

My sister had eaten the offering I got for Him, I had promised him, within the span of a few hours after the ritual. I was very mad at her but luckily didn’t say much to her about it. She’s very young.

I still ended up having a dream about her, it seemed like the plot was that my sister was a child and I shouldn’t be so mad at her over eating the strawberry shortcake.

I got him a replacement offering anyway.

He gave me visions of my future career choice and I thanked him for it. He seemed completely unbothered by my sister which was good.

I had panicked to my friend about it and she said He probably would not care at all. And luckily He did not!