Andras giving challenges

I attempted to search for this, and couldn’t find anything about Andras giving challenges or tests. Basically this is a cut and paste from my magic journal.

Was able to continue cleansing baths. Used black coffee for the first time because I was out of the eucalyptus bath salt. As I brewed my coffee the name andras came to my mind several times.

I didn’t understand, I’m a begginer and andras supposedly dislikes beginners. I saw images in the candles again during my bath again. Mostly the crowned man, but some seemed like angels, couples with a baby and robbed figures with dark faces that I called sorcerers. May be notable that I noticed a purplish tint to my vision.

After my bath I decided to try and contact andras. His name has to be constantly on my mind for a reason.

I placed a glass encased candle on the coffee table. I felt the need to orgasm and also slightly sick to my stomach. I laid on the blue couch thinking about m until I did then moved to a seated spot in front of the candle.

I gazed at andras sigil on my phone until I felt like I was falling asleep. I’ve tried drawing his sigil a few times but never felt it was better than the phone for him so I just rolled with it.

I tried chanting his ens but it kept getting tangled up. I called for him to come to me, come closer over and over. I felt some pressure in my ears. I tried gazing at the candle flame and kept seeing jelly fish like shapes.

My memory recalled that some parasites appear like that and I told it to be gone. It then flickered even more and almost looked like something was fighting the jelly fish shape, which had been the hard part looking at it already, there was no air movement and the heat was off but it had flickered erratically and had a large flame from the start.

Eventually I said in my mind that I was confused about why it seemed andras had interest in me. I invited him to my home and body and to come and go as he pleased. I asked him to unlock the part of my mind he represented. I restated my wish from my previous evocation, and invited him to share the cup of coffee I had prepared. It wasn’t as warm as I like but it was good, and knowing it is something I wasn’t allowed to have because of Bryan it seemed appropriate.

I closed out the ritual and stood. I felt sick to my stomach and exhausted. I put away my things, carefully checking each room then took up my spot on the black couch where I sleep. I had some trouble going to sleep and got close several times just to feel like I was jerked back into my body.

Eventually I slept, and while most parts my dreams where erotic, one part stood out- I was trying to get a key card from a security guard in a mall. I’ve had this dream before, recently but several weeks ago and there were quite a few changes. I woke up positive that andras had sent me after this key card, probably the first time I had the dream but I had forgotten the dream that time when I woke up. While I was still fuzzy from sleep I was convinced I could get it but that I need m’s help to do so. For some reason I felt certain about it being a task from andras and something I need to do before moving on.

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Time isn’t liner for spirits, it’s happening all at the same point. They take interest in people for different reasons, when their names don’t leave your head, you could ignore it if you choose. Most in this case don’t mind if you call them up and ask if they wanted to speak with you. Not all spirits want a simple do this for me, type deal. If they are mentoring or guiding you, they are generally around for a while.