Andras cause a big masacre

Dear Member,
i have to report you one impressive thing and ask you a question. I worked many times with Andras and i noticed his results Immediately. Now i live in a new city and i lived before in a small city (it’s more a village). I read the Newspaper of the old place where i lived and in the news are many death reports because of Accidents since 1 Month. I worked there with Andras and im not sure if he walked people to people to cause this bloodshed or it could be Glasya - Labolas but i don’t call him ever. I just thought sometimes to Glasya-Labolas and wished that he could kill all peoples who i hate. It is possible that i had a connection above telepathic to Glasya? The deaths are more accidents and similar to Glasya. I worked closer with Andras and as offering i gave Andras the free ticket to do a lot of chaos how much he want. I did a bane with Andras. Im not sure guys…

And the truth is im a little bit shocked


Accidents happen all the time it doesn’t necessarily have to do with Andras, unless you know the people who got killed.


Only one?

Nah. Not Andras.

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Did you know them?

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