And what if

Lucifer is the feminine energy and Satan is the masculine energy in the same entity?


Not worked with any of them before.
But i read somewhere on this site that day of Lucifer is Monday which is related to Moon which is feminine in nature. He also seems to care about people that work with him; doing extra work that was not asked by the magician, like a mother caring for her child, Maybe your are right about Lucifer.


That is actually correct let me explain in detail.

Satan is a spirit that is the combination of multiple spirits
mainly King paimon, Lucifer, Azazel, and Baphomet.
Thats why Satans Energy is so intense because it’s all these guys in one form.


and I thought lucifer and azazel are same spirit :stuck_out_tongue:

AlphaC where did you find this information? Do you have a source or is this acquired from Personal Gnosis??

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Ask Lucifer he will tell you the same thing.