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This is gonna sound dumb
Why do we all depend on spirits so much? Like the 9 or any spirit or even god Odin Jesus … Last time I check I was more scared of getting my head blowen off by a human… Then a demon hiding in the shadows getting in a random Car crash… Not talking shit but I feel like humans are half animal from this earth and god (spirit) how can … When god sent the angel of death to Egypt, we made a bomb that can do the same thing … If we are gods maybe we need to act like it and take up our birth right … Why live under the shadow of gods or demons … Why do they work with us, we know why we work with them… But what if we could do all the things they teach us with out them and we will no longer need them… A patron is nothing more then a god…Rant over

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Dont know where im goin with this, but Jesus said’ we are sons and daughters of god, you are gods’.

So maybe we have more powers or ability’s that are lost to time.
Guess we may understand more when we die???


The difference is, we live for only a bit more than a mere century at most. I don’t think you can come to someone and in a second know everything about their past and their present situation, and give them the wisdom to proceed, and look into their emotions to know exactly what they mean and where they’re coming from.

Some here think that we are on the same power level as these spirits, but until you can live for millennia and know anything you wish to know about anyone at any time in a second with perfection, then there remains a massive difference.

You can get what you want using magick without calling on spirits, even by directly projecting and using your power to change things, but until you can fill the previously mentioned gap, and have millions of legions under you, then you are not on their level.


Maybe but we are all going to die its life… Hands down maybe we are getting lied too… This is our Realm but its easy for us to just give it over to someone without a face … If we all came together we could be a more powerful race or we could just go under a name… Are we this weak … Maybe who knows … Maybe we are all weak maybe we were just told that …

Idk we were in made his imagine allegedly lol

I’m just saying do we really have too be a bunch of dixk suckers to get our hearts desires or do we have to bow down to a god or demons … Where do we come in at the end???.. Maybe we need to be our own race and take what’s ours … Or we can be slaves


Don’t get me wrong, I have used spiritual entities. That said, I tend to rely upon my own Godhood so do stuff myself. There’s a lot of energy out there, especially the sort I use, so collect and direct. The more you achieve by yourself, the stronger you become.

My greatest Magick was achieved via an email. But that one mundane act had a lot of occult learning behind it. Changed the world and will continue to do so long after I am gone.



I think we depend on spirits because we’re conditioned into thinking we need them which may be partially true for some of us.

I mean spirits saved my ass many times so I’m greatful but after coming back here I decided to start learning to use my own energy to get things done. It’s hard but will be worth it in the long run. I guess it’s easier to just ask for stuff than put in lots of effort

As someone who had at one time 2 car accidents that totaled my car (yeah, two separate cars that both got totaled) within the space of three months, and due to the stupid thing I asked them to do, they were really mad, I think, yeah, demons and cars is way scarier than some human blowing my head off and far more likely. Also, they hang around after death, and affect the afterlife, so, not like they are going anywhere.

Have you every taught anyone anything? If you have, then you know the satisfaction of, when someone finally gets it and is able to do it on their own without your help.

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I have been studying some things with the nature of Majickal things and how real it all could be. Cant explain where the voices came from or the invisible animal spirit that walked on my bed and jumped into me some how. Found out the hard way not to anger the spirits. I read the kybalion and some how became good at astral projecting things i can now sèe in my mind. Have any of you know how to do this. I can baŕely do the lesser banishing thing of the pent ag ram, therers too many differing things about what to do. But im using a clear quartz crystal to do the pentagram shape starting east goingg south then west and north And back. I may be crazy but i can now see the energy with my eyes closed and the quartz crystal seems to look brighter in sunlight. Am i crazy and what does ouroboros mean to any of u?