And So It Is Done!

Regarding my Sunday workings with the Gatekeepers and the Lake of Fire Ritual. It was very intense. I opened gates and used the formula given to me by Azazel to open the gates of the infernal empire and manifest it within my temple.i could feel the air thicken and as it became hard to breathe, i evoked the Gatekeepers one by one, and elixir of manifestation was also used. As they came they each said some words to me and then waited for me to ask them to open the gate to the Lake of Fire i sat down and cleared my mind of any emotion until i just was. Then i asked them to do it. I hard all four chant something in their demonic tongue repeatedly, and as they grew louder and more rapid my floor dissolved and i fell i saw them above me still concentrating and chanting. And i felt my body tip over and fall. As i fell into the lake, i didnt feel much at first, then a scalding hotness hotter than any burn or heat i have felt in this would consumed me i let it fill me and when i could take no more of it i felt i mortal body start writhing on the floor of my temple. I was burned until i dissolved and the. Blacknesss, a peaceful blackness. It was all around me for a while and then i felt a pull and my souls eyes opened and saw four arms pulling me out. After that i communed with the gatekeepers and they told me some things to come. After the ritual i felt new an knew my consciousness expanded i could see energies around me and my senses seemed keener. It brought me a great amount of spiritual alchemy this week.

Glad this went well! And thanks for letting me do my thing. At that time. It went well :slight_smile: