Ancient temple, Demonic Statues, the "water of Chaos" and after waking up, real wounds - What kind of Dream is?

There was a big fog out there, but he lead me there, to the Maw of this Island.

Someone chased me, through the ocean. And I saw a huge, yellow eye starring at me through the blackened water. It does not attack our spectral boat, but saw me, and only I was able to saw it.

A dark robed figure. He lead me in a tunnel. He seemed sage, and I trusted him somehow. The whole tunnel was like a huge labyrinth-temple. After a long walk, I found myself in a centre of a huge hall. I can’t remember clear, but the dark figure is told me something before he disappeared, and leaved me alone in the dark, with the glittering green lights. I looked around, and I saw big, “Demonic scultpures” all around the hall, on the wall. All of them were similar to each other, but then my attention caught by the biggest sculpture, in the centre of their circle. He held his arms in a really familiar position to me. He seemed very powerful, and not only because His aura, but you know, there is a reason why you can see Demonic sculptures with erection. It means much more I knew already… so, I saw ‘this’ as well. The whole pic was really familiar and indescribable in the same time.

Then I heard something. That dirty, smelly “water” started to fill the whole hall. I saw the water level rise and rise, and I was scared, but can not move away before the big Demonic statue, I can’t at all. Before I found myself under the water, I felt a strange “power”, what started to encompass me. I wanted to escape somehow, but suddenly the ground simply disappeared under my feet. Some of the sculptures drained with me, but the “Grand One” is not. This power was like slowly manifested in it’s material form. I felt it around and between my thighs, around my waist, my hip, around my chest and it slowly started to fill my mouth. Surprisingly, after it happened, I was able to breath under the water, no felt the thirst for air anymore. And after it… well… maybe you know what happened. It feels good. It hurts. I enjoyed it, but I wanted to free myself as well.
During the act , I saw pictures in my mind, they changed fast, and maybe some of them had a deep meaning. It seemed like travelling in the time, between places and events, but that was not mine, I’m sure.

Whatever this dream was, I woke up with physical marks of it (sexual act’s) on my body with (and I found bruises on my arm, thights as well).

What do this mean? Any imagination about this whole dream?