Ancient Rare 1977 Alchemy Tarot Set?

I have purchased a very Alchemy Tarot set
And it is so powerful I let in some VERY
Dark energy and spirits I have been studying the left hand path for years and still can’t seem to fathom this tarot deck and what the picture even mean if you recognize this image please respond or DM asap I don’t want to mess around with these cards and anger the ancient ones
They also have hebrew and Latin and luciferin writing on them? What does this all mean?

I don’t believe 1977 qualifies as ancient…

Nice looking deck, though.


Lol it is to me in only 29 no but seriously it’s a very rare deck

Anyone know anything about it I only have the French instructions and i speak only English

That exact deck is still in print, its not rare. The 1977 collection is actually one of their trade marks. Its very unlikely yours was actually made then. :thinking: As for actually reading them, the same you would any other tarot deck. It doesn’t really have much complexity other than the admittedly cool art work

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I have that deck, it’s sold in regular book stores, it’s very cheap, yet good looking and works well. It is one of those decks created using the portfolio of some artist, the one of this deck calls himself Alchemy, you can find the images and similar images on the internet. It is more about how it looks than about what it says, but it does have great symbols, such as what one could interpret as a Raflifu reference in the Sun card, and the picture of the Lovers card, while other cards, such as the court cards, are clearly put there as fillers and don’t tell much


Thank you so much for this information I found it quite useful you rock bro

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