Ancient Konxari cards

has anyone used the new modern Konxari cards.i keep hearing how these cards are so sharp and right on.i also keep hearing that Konxari cards cause hauntings.The Konxari cards are from ancient Egypt and said to have been created by Thoth.

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anyone can you tell me your experiances with these dark cards that work like tarot cards.

! No longer available

what you mean amazon sells Konxari cards.are you having trouble finding them

Iā€™m thinking about purchasing them, I could use a new deck.

for anyone looking for a link to buy ( I
do not own the following store)

ive read some reviews on amazon about These Konxari cards and it sounds very explosive.a lady on the Konxari facebook group told me after using these cards,spirits have turned things touched her.this card game sounds cool.let me know your experiances after buying the cards.these are perfect for Halloween.