Ancient Egypt and red snakes

Lately I have been having odd dreams of me in ancient egypt, trying to save and or rescue egyptian gods and goddesses and royalty amoungst temples and such. Although the land is mostly devoid of humanity save afew here or there; as I am running from place to place, I must avoid billions of about 10" red snakes-non cobra going everywhere as well as at me. What is weird is this breaks in to my normal daily activities so uninvited- like right now I was studying my real estate and “pop”. there are more details i need to flesh out, it kinda has a video game feel to it, but I never ever play videos games and have never played anything with an egyptian theme in my past. I do have past life memories of some of my biocycles in (so far) Middle Kingdom Egypt.
Just curious, usually I sky this out for myself, but wondering what anyone has to say- plus I am so over jammed and behind on things; I must admit to a lazy side kicking in.


Maybe you are in a video game. To use an analogy, lets say there were higher sentient beings (which could be thought of as space aliens) from the future or some far off planet and they placed you in a video game. So then Technology would merge with spirituallity and magick, where you are aided to explore places like Egypt. So lets say this video game is an RPG (Role Playing Game). Now, with games like that, it is usually more about a Storyline rather than shooter up action or battles or anything else which comes secondary. Maybe the next dreams will have the reasons you are having these dreams?

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