Ancient Deities Who Have Been Demonised By Other Religions

When Christians spread and conquered land, they demonized the gods and goddesses of the local people.​All ancient Gods were “demonized” later, much later, when Christianity came to exist and spread. And the word Demon had a completely different meaning than it has now after Christians.​ Thats what I have read around, I’m more interested to see what others might want to say about this, I want to see some examples too, gl.


In my opinion the demonization of the Gods wasn’t really specific, it was only general as in “their Gods are demons” not in the same sense as LHP or whomever goes “That God Set was demonized by chrisrians into being Sitri” because the thing is the demonization never gave them new names, it never painted them as completely new individuals just “those Gods are false Gods/demons”

Only case where such a thing was actually somewhat focused is when the Gods under the label “horned God” which is modern but many Gods have been associated with such a label they were all linked to Satan, for example Cernunnos, Pan, Sylvannus, Veles, Shiva, all were later snuffed into being “Satan” BUT these Gods such as Cernunnos (or possibly An Dagda) survived partially by being converted into a Saint as well. While Shiva who was associated with Satan later also survived being the God he is in his respective area so his demonization didn’t quite seem to stick for long in my opinion.


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Lol it’s fun stuff, I like questions like this tbh


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Pagan tribes did it too. You can’t just point at Christianity and claim they alone “demonised” the gods of the people they conquered because, contrary to those who like to hold up the pagan people as some kind of hippy example of peaceful coexistence, the various tribes did war with each other over territory, resources, and to take slaves. They also sacrificed their enemies to their gods, burned down the opposing temples, killed the priests and shamans, and smashed the idols. When you exterminate a people, you also wipe out their gods.

The thing is, history shows that demonising the enemy is a common tactic throughout human cultures, and you can even see it today still being played out in modern politics. Telling a people that their enemy is evil, and that they therefore worship demons, is simply a way to paint them as lesser than, so it is easier to kill them.


This is something that likely has gone on since the rise of civilization. The Babylionians, for example, did something similiar with the Sumerian gods, who claimed that the Gods of the older culture were “dead”. Yet they were somehow still powerful enough to protect temples, not sure how that logic works.

The greeks had a tendency of either changing the names of gods of other cultures entirely (such as with the Egyptians), or claim that the other gods were aspects of the greek gods. Not quite the negative tone as straight demonization, but likely not something enjoyed by those who did worship those other gods.


My biggest pet peeve is the force merging of Thoth and Hermes xD


right, i am pretty sure that was how the greeks reasoned why it would be okay for them to pay homeage to Thoth, who did not emerge from their culture.

Kind of the same reason some dieties later became saints when making the deity into a demon, or fae queen in the case of Morrighan, was likely to fail due to their popularity.


I know what you mean. It makes me mad knowing that Christians are so narrow-minded. :angry:


To be fair it’s not just christians, there’ narrow minded LHP who merge demons with every well known God there is without any real basis to it lol or merge demonness Lilith with every Goddess or Lucifer with every God. They’re pretty much doing the same thing with erasing various culture’s Deities by forcing them into their demons.

RHP does the same but rather not demons.


Exactly! :ok_hand:

And remember the winners write history (and often re-write it, or outright lie), that’s why “the right side of history” is such a fatuous meme.


King Belial is known as wicked and worthless because Belial teaches man to follow themselves not God.


Okay, that’s a nice example ^^

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Yes, the meaning of Belial always made me doubt about him.

Those magick books which states do not share this book to the unworthy.
Unworthy here means no trust in god.

So I asked Belial directly.

There are many but I dont remember them anymore.

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Demonization of deities, their merging with each other, loss of meaning and even disappearance - all this is part of the historical and spiritual development of various cultures and civilizations. Is this good or bad? Everyone decides for himself. When any people conquered the land, they brought with them their religious beliefs, rituals and deities. And there can be several development scenarios.

Either the pantheons could unite and the deities of the autochthonous population were included in the pantheon of conquerors or demonized, or the deities of the conquerors took over the functions of the deities of the conquered people. Sometimes the pantheon of a conquered people could, on the contrary, have a more significant impact on the conquerors.

But if we take monotheistic religions, there is a clear and rigid framework here. There is only one deity, and all the others are his opponents. Such “rigidity” was due, on the one hand, to the consolidation of the people, and on the other, to the strengthening of power. The stronger and more centralized the religious sphere, the better for the state and its development.


they stll do it to this day lol, just look any video by a christian on voodoo.

Reminds me of a girl who said te Lwa we’re evil. Didn’t think about it at that time, but i should have responded "Haitians revolted cause a Lwa told them to, and Christians enslaved them cause the bible says they were inferior. I wonder which ones were truly evil "


This stuff posted so far is great, thank you all.


You’re welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:

Demonisation is obviously a dick move, but Syncretism is pretty useful I think. Many ancient deities survive to this day as a result, in altered forms and with different names, but the essence usually stays more or less the same.

The human soul tends towards Unity and in my experience, higher beings, gods in particular, share a collective consciousness, so they view distinction and indiviuality very differently to us. Also, you should consider that gods are shapeshifters, they enjoy changing forms and appearing in different guises. Think about Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita, when asked, he shows Arjuna his four-handed form (Vishnu) as well as his universal form, as the cosmic destroyer, devourer of worlds, which is probably an aspect of Shiva Nataraja as he destroys creation.