Ancien Undead Spirits

Does anyone know the rituals of how to work with these Ancient Undead Spirits?Lamaen,Semket, Akharu,Eshdagaru, Niksar, Sharkiss, Elimmu, Nosferatu.

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Why would you do it any differently than any other spirit? If they want something done differently, they’ll let you know.

Where did the laundry list come from? May help to give hints.


You may find rituals to work with Akhkharu in Michael’s W Ford book (Akhkharu, vampyre Magick).
However , Akhkharu seems to be a generalists superman term for vampires and not a single one of their kin.

In Ford’s book there is a summons ritual of Akhkaru, you mean that the ritual summon all the vampires?