Ancestral dream home?

I have had these dreams commonly over the years, mostly they are of the late morning type where you are just relaxing in bed, semi-awake, and start to seamlessly drift off again into the dream world. I had another this morning, and it prompted me to ask a question to myself…

“Why are so many of my dreams in my grandparents house?”

And when I say grandparents house, its never, ever like the physical version of it. Its always the grand, ever changing dream version of it, but it is intuitively known to be my grandparents home. While in the dream, nothing is amiss, and I know how to get around it, and even have memories of the place that doesnt exist in the physical world (except ever so superficially).

Things dreams almost always involve me being lethargic and not really being able, nor wanting, to move, because Im tired and actively trying to get some rest. I am always with other people, all known to be family, but almost never are they identifiable by name or physical identity, only by essence as “family”, and some, quite distant to the point of me not feeling very close to them at all. The exception to this is my sister, mother, my mothers sister, and my beloved cat. The grandparents are also on my mothers side, but they themselves do not ever seem to be present.

While I visited my grandparents in the past, and have some good memories, most of them are boring. The house was simple in a smallish town in PA, and there was never much to do. In the dreams though, this house is always filled with people, many I cannot name and do not know other than they are somehow related to me.

Funny enough, many of us are actually trying to sleep and get some rest, and are sleeping just anywhere; up against walls, on the floor, in chairs, etc. Sometimes there is light activity, and sometimes people are gently talking to one another.

I had an idea just today, that perhaps this was some ancestral dream/astral home or something for my mothers side of the family. I honestly dont know what else to make of it. Its never unpleasant, nor is it exciting. But it is peaceful without being stagnant, with seemingly many groggy people like me when I am there.

This topic isnt something Ive ever researched or heard about, so Im just throwing this out into the internet ether to see if anyone else can connect with such a concept!

Anyone else ever experience this?

Wow, that reminds me spookily of the experience I had and posted about here - the sleepers are different but the theme of an ancestral (family) house and sleepy people are spot on.

I don’t have anything to bring to it except that right now - maybe work with Buné, who has unlocked the concept of ancestral inheritances for me, see if she hads anything to say?

Ill keep her in mind, Eva.

So no one else dreams this? I thought it might have been something others dreamed of too. Im not exactly close to my family other than immediate family, so all these other people is a strange albeit consistent occurrence in a commonly recurring, innocuous dream theme.

Was thinking this might also have been some kind of normal thing in some culture… maybe some shamanistic culture.

I’ve had the expanded house quite a lot, even the World Tree and various realms mapped into it like it became my archetype of “place” or even universe, but nothing with sleeping people like this before the event I described.

In at least one shamanic trad., the tentpole or yurt’s central pole (I don’t have my books handy to look up the details) was always seen as the axis mundi, so there’s a precedent for making your home, ANY home, the portal to (and by implication, map and model of) all the other realms.

I’ve had dreams of a similar theme dating from both before and after I started going lucid, so I’ll share it here for what it’s worth.

I have dreamed in this archetypal/symbolic sort of way about both my maternal and paternal grandparents’ houses. The paternal grandparents’ house has only begun appearing recently, and seems always host a meeting with ancestors’ and non-lucid dreaming relatives’ spirits that could be characterized as ‘dharmic’ and fulfilling the family’s purpose in the waking world of the living. It seems to be where our dreaming spirits plan out and agree on the paths of our lives.

Far earlier and more common have been my significant dreams about my maternal grandparents’ house, in which the themes seem to be more of going there to ‘commune’ with a kind of subtle power-birthright. I don’t want to publicly disclose every detail of these experiences just because they effect more than just me, but I have noticed that there seems to be a significant difference between the ground and upper floors. My guess about the ‘sleepers’? I see this locality as a place to ‘recharge’, to regain power. In other dreams, members of my maternal line have appeared, in a sense that they were not the literal people that I knew of personifications of the maternal line. It is my opinion that this signifies, among other things, the lion’s share of one’s magickal genetic inheritance.

This is just working theory, though, and if you do find a more authoritative source I’d love to learn more.

I dream of my grandparents homes alot. I spent most of my childhood in and out of thier homes especially in the summer. So I always assumed I was just subconsciously wishing for simpler childhood days. But now this has got me wondering … Maybe theres more to it.

I just had a thought - if the house we associate most with security and love, becomes our dream “universe” with different floors representing different realms, and if (as we know from Harner’s work) different “levels” or energetic realms were also tied to the central pole in yurts and tents, then what does that mean for stone circles?

The earliest huts were probably circular, so, if they were like us, that means many generations oif early humans saw that circular interior, and mapped the universe onto it. They would even have seen the earliest light coming through the door, and seen the smaller warm light of the fire within, which could even be symbolic for the light within the small self, and the karger light of the spirit world outside.

Aside from the more “scientific” explanations for why the ancients used circles, and why circles are so powerful in magick, maybe that played a small role in the concept that the visible, created cicrle, could be astrologically linked to the outer universe?

Circles are associated with a ton of things subconsciously. Id bet an entire book or multiple books could be written on why circles are appealing to people.

Same with spheres, the 3d equivalent of the circle.

An interesting note: last I read many astrophysicists believe the universe to actually be taking the form of a saddle like shape, rather than the classically assumed spheric one. I dont know if that theory is still popular among them or not, but I always remembered it as pretty interesting myself.