I am drawn strongly to working with my ancestors. I believe they exist in a parallel dimension to us and have a full recollection of who they were on this earth and who we are. Some magicians, though, believe in reincarnation. That doesn’t at all line up with my experiences due to the fact that my ancestors communicate to me that they are not reincarnated.

Are some people reincarnated and other people are not?

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Just because they communicate with you doesn’t mean they’re not reincarnated. We can evoke each other so it’s not unheard of to be able to evoke a reincarnated ancestor.

Reincarnation is a choice, some ancestors depending on their faith are not and off living out their afterlife elsewhere.


Reincarnation doesn’t always mean coming back to Earth as a human being. You can also spiritually ascend to something close to angelhood. These are spirit guides and guardian angels.

For example, this year I found out that my biological mother had passed away in 2009. That year was one of a lot of upheaval and change for me. I think she helped get me through. Not only that, she led me to a cemetery which, unknown to me at the time, was the final resting place of some of our mutual ancestors.

I don’t think that any of this is a coincidence. I very much believe that these family members were watching out for me, like guardian spirits.