Ancestor spirits and spirit guides

I always see the advice that we should get in touch with our ancestor spirits and guides, they can teach us about our unique gifts, blockages and so many other things.

My trouble when searching the forums on these topics they all seem to be good guides for if you have some idea of whose these people were.

The more I learn the more I think it’s possible my biological mother wasn’t schizophrenic but rather awakened into her gifts too quickly, and that my fathers alcoholism and detachment with women seem to be a relation of how I have coped with some of my gifts that I wasn’t aware of as being gifts. ( except I don’t drink at all because of how he was, but I definitely shut myself down to everyone but my kids like he did.)

Other than these two long dead people… I have no idea who my ancestors are. I don’t even have names for grandparents, let alone anything way back.

As far as guides go. I mean I had a dream where a fierce, scary, armored wearing polar bear was guiding me spiritually, but it was a dream.

Any advice for those of us that have limited info on how to contact those ancestor beings? Seems like it would be easier to reach for things that I knew what they were but alas I don’t and I’m my current situation I don’t have funds to go diving into trying to find them with mundane means like dna analysis and such.


‘Ironically’, I just posted something possibly connected to this 5 minutes ago Xenoglossia (Understanding a language without prior knowledge).

Presumably you were writing this at the same exact time, and posted it as I was wondering if the ‘guy’ was an ancestor spirit or a guide.

Years ago I was haunted pretty badly, and two protector spirits came through not only in dream but also while totally conscious - they were audible and sometimes quasi-visual.

I was told by someone who helped me get rid of the haunting that these two were spirit guides.

Since then, I’ve only _definitely _had one come through in dream (twice, and not the one in the link), but it was sort of malignant, so its a confusing situation.

I will be contacting at some point though


Do you have any friends who passed on? The ancestors were often seen as both family and tribal, being that close friends can also receive veneration. And the vast number of ancestors you have, are somewhat nameless to the physical world as they lived so long ago. Offer to your ancestors as a whole. Give a white candle lit in their honor and a glass of cool water and say that the offering is for all your ancestors, known and unknown. This is at least what I do.


Not really, at least non that I can think of. Other than my dad I’ve only allowed my kids and one person close to me and they are all still living. I will give your suggestion a go though, I mean it sure can’t hurt to try right?


That is kinda ironic. I posted, read one other new thing that I had my eye on and went out for the afternoon lol. I did have a dream that three spirits moved into my room at this shelter and that they were sent by my guardian. But hell. Sometimes I can’t sort what’s a message from what’s a dream. Other times messages seem very very clear so I leaned towards a dream on that one. Certainly don’t feel anything around me.


Ancestors are great protectors and guides. Its nice to give them offers of food and water so they transmute that in spiritual energy.


Understand that. Just pretty much any offering I give is to… anything because I don’t know who they are. Guess that’s where intent will play in.


Its more than the dead you knew. I have had spirits that years and years later did i find out they were related to me.

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Hy this topic got my attention since my initiation into magic was through my paternal grandfather who died a decade before i was born.
He and a host of many dead relatives came to me but i didnt quite understand who or what they were .
But gradually i went to a djinn practitioner who then sent his djinns to discover the problem only to find out they are my ancestors .
The largely come to you when they see youre facing significant problems beyond your control ,so they if you want ,help since no magic or situation is hard for them .
You may not know them but they know you and they have since you were born .
I dont know what resources or means you have to talk to them but you have to since their plane is closer to ours .
In african trafitions virtually every magic goes through them thats why we have music ,dance,folklore etc in their honour .
Since i met mine its like everything comes easily .
Am into goetic , blood magic , luciferian currents ,djinn magick ,babylonian magick ,african voodoo and voodoun , african gods ,freemasonry .
All this came solely with their aid and help .
So far i cant complain .
This path requires no study ,candles , books etc .
Just your devotion and time to them as they will show and lead you ,all you have to do is follow their instructions to the latter .
Plus their magical help comes with no strings attached , only a ring since they need some sort of a “portal” and “seat” to talk to them .
The ring type depends on their age since death , abilities and taste .
Mine work with silver and gold nothing else ,whenever i need them a chant and they promptly come.