Ancestor shrine and occult shrine in same room- bad idea?

Is it a bad idea to set up your ancestor shrine in the same room as your occult altar?

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I have a pretty large room. The ancestor shrine is at the end of a small window / cubby where a person could sit.

Actually not except if you both have them in the West than Necromancy Gods and Ancestry share that direction. Nevertheless it depends on your deities you work with. North are more like Baal, Belial, Mammon. East Lucifer, Beelzebub, Samael. South Satan, Set, Haures and so on. Of course the direction is arbitrary but it helps to connect and channel easier

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Depends on your ancestors, they may not like it or they may not care.

Just as some people’s ancestors don’t like being together, there’s one lady I remember stating her african ancestors hate being evoked with her Caucasian ancestors. So she doesn’t have them in the same place.

So best to see how they feel about it. However, given they’re not together but in the same room it shouldn’t matter as it’s easy to cleanse your space each time you use one or the other.


Yeah my understanding is that your ancestral spirits will have the same feeling for it that they had during life. Having said that they’re your ancestral spirits and there to help you. I’ve read they can be taught.

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