Anaxeiraz demons



Hello guys! What are your stories with the demons from Anaxeiraz? Famous occultist Rosenberg did a special work with it:


I opened the sigil of Akahad’azi, it has to do with Sex magic, the most primitive but intense practices. It was like these advanced old priesterhood in the history like some kind of an elite sect or group. After that there was the idea of Transformation in energy vampires, dark magic alchemy something related with the sacral chakra.


I opened the sigil of Kad’nuk, He is very charming, charismatic, has a light walking like a dancer, truly beautiful. He is welcoming and friendly, can teach about vampire techniques like gazing, speaking and probably energy draining. Also a master of astral trips with advanced vampire knowledge and solar chakra energy work.


Definitively not for beginners on LHP


Through channeling, best before all that you ask Loh’az He will tell you from the beginning if He likes you or not. He is very direct and I suggest to be approached with respect. He is very powerful. He allows you (or not!) to contact their realm.



So many things that i want to try
Hopefully I can find time for this


Cool!! I am looking forward for your projects, workings and inspiring insights :wink:


Thank you for introducing this to me. I will look into this and come back with what i practiced and learned.


What are these demons? I have not hrard of them.


I have opened some of the sigils. They are very powerful, Masters in domains like necromancy, vampyrism, baneful magic. Maybe some guys of the forum work with them. Their realm is for advanced LHP practitioners. As said Lohaz is the key to that realm.


I will eventually work with them then, because I would like to practice thise magickal arts


yo look at this


yo check this!


@Xag_darklight Thank you.


@Xag_darklight did you contact any of these entities ??


they are mostly vampyric and baneful,baneful magick is not my thing