Anaxeiraxz initiation and Egulcala Fetish

I have worked with the Liber Anaxeiraxz from Chris Paige & Austin Blackstone and I have updated the initiation process with the help of Egulcala ( current Gatekeeper ) to make an empowerment of this current and create a simple fetish who act also as a gate to the other beings. If you have some experience with kindoki you can add much things to the cauldron.First I had some trouble to maintain a strong nexion thanks to Conner Kendall for the powerful Exiled Key who is used here as gravitational vortex and replace the pentagram. This is not for beginner be prepared for strong shift.
The incantations comes from the book without alteration.

What you will need
1- Exiled Key
2- Raven skull
3- Cauldron
4- Seal of Egulcala
5- 3 black candles
6- Ron/rum
7- Black Silk
8- Crematory powder/bone powder
9- Graveyard earth
10- Blood at least 3 drops.

Draw the exiled key on the ground or on a paper, empower it and put the cauldron on it ( find the most intense point with clairvoyance).

Put 3 candles in a shape of a triangle on the point of the exiled key around the cauldron in center. As I have said feel the hot point of the seal first and place the cauldron then the candle around. I dont know why but this point can change.

Draw the seal of Egulcala on a paper anoint it with blood place the raven skull on it

Lit the candles and chant 3 times:

aseaa ‘iilaa almanzil almuzlim beyda ean aldaw’ alkuni, alzalam kama

baladay alsyf masasi aldama’a. ‘iinsaniati tukasiru, wafarisatan taemal fi

alkhawf. biaism lwsyfwj, bawwabatan ‘iilaa majal zahl, fath alan

Now you should feel a shift, the opening of the gates. Put a good amount of Ron in the cauldron as an offering lit the ron and sprinkle some bone powder into the fire then blow the cigar smoke 3 times into the fire. focus on it until the fire is extinguished and feel the current opened within and without.

At the end put a good amount of cemetery earth and wrap the cauldron with black silk, put the cauldron in a dark place and come back in 21 days.

After 21 days remove the silk take a deep breath and inspire the cauldron essence, hold the breath during few seconds gaze into the cauldron chant the saturn litany :
‘aseaa ‘iilaa almanzil almuzlim beyda ean aldaw’ alkuni, alzalam kama bal-
aday alsyf masasi aldama’a. ‘iinsaniati tukasiru, wafarisatan taemal fi alkhawf.
biaism lwsyfwj, bawwabatan ‘iilaa majal zahl, fath alan x3

and then chant Egulcala X3

Then finally say his incantation :

Egulcala I call you from forgotten

lands, cloak me from thine enemies with your

blackened wings, and allow me to be forged

from ash so I may rise as the true warrior of

chaos! The ravens fall from the crimson

sky, as the the blood drips from my finger tips.

I open the gate to the defilers of god, tear me

from all that is mundane, and the comforts of

the illusion I call home! Manifest before me,

and bless me with your infernal presence! Tear the

veil with your might, as Saturn burns through


I open the nexion, come Egulcala! X13

You can add some rum and cigar smoke. I advice you to add some bone powder and make offering into the caudron each time you canll Egulcala.

Here you can add the initiation into the path chant.
I call to the burning Twin-Throne! I who walk the pathways of separation depart
beyond eternal night
into the immortal threshold of the forgotten! King BELIAL approach the Mighty
Bull! M-O-L-O-CH!(vibrate name 11 times)
I profess to thee horned infernal twin crown of Thaumiel! To cross Beyond

the Limitation of duality so that I may walk behind the throne & step through the hid-
den door to the Tree beyond! Through eradication of the human condition I pass into the King- dom of Crystalized Fire, into the blackest shadow of Saturn! LEPACA THAUMIEL x11 with the key of Lohaz
I open the gate!
Hail Belial, hail Satan, hail Moloch, hail Lohaz, hail Egulcala! LIFTOACH


Envision Moloch standing before you at the gate of Thaumiel. Moloch will not let
you pass until you give him blood. You give him blood & then you are guided to a temple, where you are then instructed to sit on a throne. Golden serpents then manifest & wrap around you to hold you in place while Moloch has a private conversation face to face with you.

Then, the throne rotates 180 degrees, revealing two pathways. The golden serpents unwrap from you & release you from the throne be- fore you proceed to step into the left pathway into the caverns of crystallized fire. The deeper you go into the caverns, the more intensely you feel fire in one nostril, & ice in the other nostril as you breathe.

You find an ancient gate in the caverns with the sigil of Loha z in the center, glowing red & surrounded by strange

otherworldly glyphs. Your attention is caught by a keyhole on the gate that is emit-
ting red & blue smoke.

The key of Lohaz then manifests in your hand. You place the key in the hole & and turn it.

Here you will have vision,receive a personal seal, you can here some incantations, opening mantras etc It is a good idea to take notes.

Now you can place the cauldron on an altar or directly on the ground in a dark place meditate often with it and open the gate time to time to enhance your link to the current and avoid parasitic or vampiric side effect ( this is a predatory path). It is best to keep the cauldron on the exiled key as I have said this key allow a better stability of the fetish. I dont have used it since longtime so need some experiment and tests. However I feel this method less dangerous than the original ones. Be prepared to have strong shift into your core structure and around you.



Draw the seal of Egulcala on a paper anoint it with blood place the raven skull on it
Everything is placed into the cauldron so dont choose one too small.

When you chant the incantation over it visualise a vortex of darkness and the cauldron become the realm of Egulcala.

This current has strong baneful and vampiric powers but can also be used for gnosis and inner transformation.