I think i found the correct pronunciation which activates the current behind that name.Once again i had no results using the name in the english form (ANA-FAX-EAT-ON) and i used the greek version of it

A=The a letter in hat,cat
PH=The F leter in Forest,Farm
E=The E letter in end
X= The H letter in hat,Harry,Hoax

And here’s how it sounds.(Press the speaker button)ΑΝΑΦΑΧΕΤΟΝ

I experienced something like a powerfull bliss coming down from the crown chakra.Bliss and power at the same time was filling every cell of my body changing even the sound of my voice.I have the feeling that this power can be used to bind or to make spirits to take you more seriously since it’s also one of the names that apears on the solomon’s triangle.

This is fascinating, going to play with it - thanks! :slight_smile:

Yes.The greek letter ‘‘x’’ sounds like the english ‘‘h’’.
And the ‘‘ch’’ is also the greek ‘‘x’’

El CHai=ελ Χάι

This replacement has also worked for me so far using it with spirit names and other words of power