Analyzing the Middle Pillar

As I promised. Let’s do it. I have to seperate this into parts, since it is too much to put it into one post.

Part One

What does Middle Pillar do? First, it will give you your divinity, if done enough. Second, it will charge you up. Third, it will balance you.

Why does it called Middle Pillar? Take a look at the picture below.

images - 2021-04-07T224059.854

Yes, its the classic trinity, Yin-yang-tao, Father-son-holy spirit, etc. Middle Pillar is the safest and most direct way from Malkuth to Kether. Is it the fastest? Probably not since there are secret paths that isn’t usually shown, but let’s not muddy the waters here.

Pillar of severity is feminine and destructive, while pillar of mercy is masculine and creative, symbolically. Balancing out these two is neccesary.

In MP, we go from up to bottom, unlike how would you see it in most eastern paths. It represents your divinity coming down and will make you control this realm. We will deal with 5 sephiroth in MP. From top to bottom: Kether, Da’ath (we will go in detail later), Tiphareth, Yesod, Malkuth.

I am planning to take my time and analyze them one by one, both their esoteric and psychological meanings as much as possible. I will try to add their extended versions, and how it relates to parts of self. But I have to say that the tree of life can be overwhelming sometimes, and even unnecessarily complex from time to time. I will try my best one way or another. Thank you.