So sometime soon I’m having surgery and being put under I am aware of people having out of body experiences just wondering what to expect if anyone knows also I have no idea what kind all I know is that they said they’ll put me under and it’ll be a few hours.


When I was put under it was just black. Like deep dreamless sleep. Felt like I had just closed my eyes when I woke back up but it was hours later.

I’ve never heard of anaesthesia inducing OBEs .

When I’ve left my body I would float up then slam back in then float out then slam back in. It sucked cuz I kept thinking I was dying.


Interesting Thank you

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You’re welcome.

I’ve never heard of an OBE during a procedure under anesthesia, but I have heard of people waking in a hard core kind of sleep paralysis, albeit a fraction of a fraction of a percent of the time. All surgery I have had done, including spinal surgery, did not have actual, traditional anesthesia; it was conscious sedation, and they just inject you with some kind of ‘super valium’. In the few instances I have tried to pop out of myself it was not intended or expected, but my experience was similar, except I felt like I was falling down while going up, then scrambling up as I went back down. And I agree; I did not like it at all.


Pro tip: the stuff gets you lit off your ass for the few minutes (seconds) you are awake. If they give it to you, when it kicks in have some fun and say the goofiest drug reference you can think of to the staff as they wheel you into the OR before you pass out. You get to laugh, the staff gets a chuckle, and the good vibes might just well improve the outcome of the operation.


Been put under for many surgerys in the past, as @JezebelleMoon said dreamless sleep a little hard to wake up from easy to go back to sleep for another hour or two.
Kinda like waking up the morning after a couple of to many drinks and you are still a little buzzed.
Nothing to worry abouth.


So basically be me when I’m drunk got it lol