An update

So as some of you may recall, I have a new female friend (I wouldn’t call her my gf quite yet. She would agree.) As I stated in a previous post, she said that she could see clearly that I have had a very negative, dark entity clinging onto me since I was two or three. She said that it had tried to threaten her when it had seen that she had sensed it. Fast forward to last night: She called me at about 3:30 a.m. hysterical. She described a very horrific dream she had. I won’t go into detail, but it involved her being physically abducted by bad people and hurt in very horrible ways. Other people in her dream were also being tortured. One of those people were saying, “Get out” (his jaw had been screwed shut and could not say the words clearly). She got the feeling that I was the cause of her having this dream. She is highly intuitive, but she may also have some mental problems. Any thoughts?


My wife has dreams like this all the time, dreams do have meaning but they often are not literal, or black and white. Often negative dreams are a sign of a major life change about to happen or are brought on solely by extreme stress.

Dreams about pregnancy and death are usually about new beginnings. And dreams of torture usually signify that times of trial and growth are on the horizon. Dreams about rape can mean an internal wound in the dreamers sexuality (if they are raped) or a loss of control (if they are the rapist).

I once had a dream where I was a rapist and it heralded my reconversion to Christianity where I again relinquished control of my own destiny.

But, if the dreamer has a strong sense as to the meaning of their own dream, then that interpretation is generally given to be right. If she believes that the dream was the influence of the negative spirit around you then she’s probably correct.

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