An update on the cemetery job my Uncle offered me

So, as I posted before, my uncle asked me to weedwack around the graves at his church. I accepted, secretly thinking it would make a good excuse to collect some dirt. The first go around was originally meant to be Thursday, but due to rain he rescheduled it to today.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the dirt. It was me, my dad, and my uncle. So, I was not technically being watched, but I preferred to do it without anyone else around. Plus, I’d rather collect it when the ground is loose. I did get to scout around. Back home, people who owned churches would build have their homes and said churches on the same property. Idk who owned this church, but no one seemed to live anywhere near. So, I guess I can just go there and take some dirt.


spirits will haunt you for stealing their dirt off their home location. haha.


It’s my understanding taking dirt from a graveyard is acceptable provided you:

  1. Make an offering to the graveyard guardian upon entry.

  2. Ask the particular spirit if it’s ok.

  3. Give the spirit something in return.