An unlikely angel?!

So I’m chillin after work thinking about my job and life feeling somewhat discouraged. I miss the days when I went to the gym six days a week, wasn’t smoking, and ate alot of food. It’s kinda hard to eat these days.

I had some music playing. The next thing I know E.A. Koetting appears in my mind. He has a bright friendly aura and shown compassion on me. Then he said, “It’s ok man, I know you can fulfill your dreams. I too have experienced great loss but our theories on magick are very similar. I know you can get your weight and muscle back too” Then he disappeared from my mind.

I recently listened to the Book of Azazel on youtube and was tremendously challenged. How he talked about getting his muscle and strength back really inspired me. I also really liked the talks with Azazel and Belial. What they had to say about magick was really cool. I’ll likely listen to it again.

I’ve experienced links like this with people before. I assume it’s their higher self sensing my recent interest in them. So their higher self takes a little peak from time to time. I imagine that at times I have also visited others. Psychic links with people really aren’t all that uncommon. Our thoughts and intentions join our energies to the cosmos. Anyway, thought this was cool and kinda funny.


This resonates so much for me :metal::metal::metal::metal::metal:
Hell Yeah for syncronicity!


Yes, I think that was cool too.

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Yup, E. A opened up to me a completely new world of magic and occult. If I had to take the traditional route, I would have to suck some guru’s cock for years to get even small pieces of knowledge. So, E. A rocks.