An uninterested Belial?

First post, new to evocation/spirit communication

I evoked Belial 2 days ago, after spending a few days meditating on his sigil. The evocation was a success, I provided incense and an offering and chanted his enn telepathically an unknown number of times while meditating on the sigil. After feeling strong energies and a very physical heaviness in my shoulders as well as intense visual static surrounding the sigil. I asked telepathically;
‘BELIAL are you here?’ I was cut off with a loud ‘YES I AM’. I said ‘Thank you for coming, I seek your guidance’ Again my thought was cut off, with I HAVE NO GUIDANCE FOR YOU’. I attempted to say something else, yet again my thought was cut off with ‘I ACCEPT THE OFFERING’. His voice was loud and distinctly different then any voice I could come up with in my own internal dialogue. Aside from the communication my mind was relatively void. I thanked him again and pulled myself out of trance.

So now what? Was asking for ‘guidance’ simply to vague? Should I simply try a new spirit? I used the search but no one has posted something like this, so I’m asking advice on how I should continue. Thanks.

edit; I posted because I am feeling drawn to evoking him again tonight and I plan to do so, but since that wont happen for a few more hours I was curious for opinions/advice.