An opinion about love & love spells in general

Hello everyone, I wanted to throw two cents into this love thingy in general, which is like close to %50 of why newbies come here.Its either an ex or a crush.

About crushes,use magick if you see it as neccesary.Its no different than using your financial statues nor its different than using make up and dressing well to get the advantage over the competitors.Of course its my opinion only.I don’t see love spells as rape either.Because in magick, a good willpower can overpower your magick instead of rapes scenarios which we know there is mostly physical force or some drugs are used.

Don’t be offended, thats my opinion.I think love spells are fine to use.What does magick used that is for wordly gains is to improvise on possibility of a desired outcome.

Now about these ex things,nothing I will say will be something new since this has been told uncountable times by this point but hear me out.

I have been there too.You think this person is the one (how many have you dated though?) and the only.You guys are meant to be yes? And, why is he/she your ex right now exactly? Have you ever asked yourself this? Why do you want this person back? Was it your fault or are you scared to get out of your comfort zone? Only you know the answer.

Worst kind is cheating.Can you explain to yourself why do you want someone who saw you inferior to another person and haven’t had the slightest dignity to tell you about situation and cheated on behind you? What is wrong with you?

Why are you chasing the bus you have missed? Wait enough and next bus will come surely.Do whatever you want with your life, hell, even murder your ex if thats what you want, fine by me, but why are you inviting misery? Why do you do this to yourself?

I won’t even say love yourself first but have the tools neccesary to go out of your comfort zones.

TL;DR:Water is wet.


These are things that are so complex for people that they want to solve them with supernatural methods

The way I think about is like this:

Let’s say that a guy uses a love spell on a girl.
What does the love spell do? It makes him very attractive to that particular girl.

It’s not rape because, in the end, the girl is the one who will choose if she wants to get in a relationship with this (suddenly) hot guy or not.

She will feel a pull for a while but that’s it, no one is forcing her to act on it. Eventually she calms down if she’s not interested.

Let’s not forget that magick works by amplifying what’s already there. So if she isn’t interested in you in the slightest, she won’t fall in love with you.

Mind control however… is another story. This one is an act of violation. I heard that there might be mantras for mind control (like vashikaran - sorry if I spelt it wrong). Because when you mind control someone, they are like a puppet and don’t act on their own. And those who abuse this power… will get hit hard eventually by someone stronger than them.

This is just my opinion, you’re free to have your own. As long as it’s not mind control, everything is fine by me.

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I have heard Vashikaran being immensely strong, they are mantras of Shiva right?

I’m not sure. Baal Kadmon has a book on this subject, with various mantras.
I never used them though because mantras don’t vibe with me unfortunately.

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Why get your ex back when you can get revenge :thinking:


Glamour magick is different than love spells. Very roughly, you use glamour to appear more attractive. You use love spells to mind manipulate someone (yes love is all in the mind as the brain is what controls things such as…oh I don’t know…emotions.) into being with you even if he doesn’t want to. Just saying.

I’ll use the video some other (ex) member used some time ago


Thats a good point :+1:

That video murdered me :joy: But everyone should watch it.