An offer

Hey lovelies.

Due to my absence I believe I owe my family here something, so, I will offer my services as a guinea pig to the first five people who respond.

I have one rule though. No curses. Nothing that will harm my relationships or family or mundane life nor cause me death. I’m tough, but I dont want to push it right now as I havent mastered curses/defenses. Death essence being sent to me however is fine as I seem to be okay with it.

Anyways, let the games begin :joy:



Wow either no one’s on or the sites dead right now I expected like 20-replys by now

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Haha same, honestly. Although it is that time of day no one is usually on.

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I’m down! Any possibility of helping open my third eye/spiritual awareness remotely?


Would you be willing to try an incantation for love :heart:?


Well, I’ll try something right now and you tell me if you feel any different. If it works, then we can continue. Tell me when you’re ready

As for the guinea pig thing, are you wanting my services? If so PM me the details of what is wanted.

PM me details, I’m usually down for anything

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4 more slots available.

Pm sent :slight_smile:

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Sounds good, I’ll be free in a couple hours so I’ll PM ya then. :thumbsup:

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Sounds perfect!

im in, let me try a binding spell on ya, i havent done much of that. i could use the practice.

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PM me the details please


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Three slots

I’m just gonna bump

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Can I reserve a slot too?

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one for me please ?

PM me details

Still got three open