An Invitation of Lilith - Ritual

This is a little something I whipped up awhile back as part of my personal grimoire, with a few added notes and comments.

Invitation of Lilith

Materials Needed:
• 1x Black Candle
• 1x Yellow Candle
• 1x Red Candle
• 1x Blue Candle
• 1x White Candle
• 1x Box of Matches
• 1x Ritual Knife (Ebony wood handle and bronze blade preferred)
• 1x Black Ceramic Bowl
• 5x Glass Candle Holders
• 4x Lotus Incense
• 4x Something-or-Others for Holding Incense Vertical (Just have something that holds them straight up)
• 1x Bottle of Red Wine (Price doesn’t matter, just grab one you enjoy the taste of — If you don’t/won’t drink or can’t/won’t buy wine and want a substitution, get bent). Homebrewed is preferred but, store bought is also acceptable.
• 1x Apple
• Lots of White Cloths

One day prior to the full moon, cleanse then consecrate the knife (if you don’t already have a ritual knife set aside for things like this), bowls, candles, and, wine. Carve the alchemical symbol of earth in to the white candle four times, so that it basically forms a ring around the candle. Charge the white candle with earth energy, then wrap in a white cloth, setting it aside in a safe place. Do the same for the remaining candles, using the following associations; Yellow for air (alchemical symbol of air on candle), red for fire (alchemical symbol of fire on candle), blue for water (alchemical symbol of water on candle), black for spirit (seal of Lilith inside a twelve-pointed star on candle). Next, (using white paint) paint the seal of Lilith in the center of the bowl, arround the seal of Lilith paint a twelve-pointed star while leaving a small gap to paint additional symbols, paint three concentric circles around the twelve-pointed, then paint the alchemical symbols of earth/air/fire/water at the edges of the bowl (with earth being above the seal, fire below, water left, air right), then paint a final circle around the rim of the bowl so that everything is enclosed within it (naturally, allow paint to dry), once finished wrap in a white cloth. If you have the wine handy, cleanse and consecrate it at this point, then wrap it in white cloth and set it aside also. Same deal as previous items (cleanse consecrate and wrap up) for the incense, matches, candle holders, and, whatever you’re going to use to hold the incense. I suggest performing the actual ritual during the pinnacle of the new moon. So it’s still fresh, get an apple a few days before the ritual, cleanse then consecrate it, following with wrapping it in white cloth.

The colors selected are based on Eastern cosmology, with black being the color of life, white being the color of death, and the primary colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, key((white/black)) correlating to the four base elements, earth being the inverse of spirit, which is to say the mortal and black as the spirit or immortal), it is inadvisable to dick around with this scheme as there are many complex facets at play here, trust me, I’m pretty clever.

Begin at dusk. Find a nice comfy location, whether it be inside or outside is irrelevant, just pick a place that suits you and where you won’t be disturbed by meatloafs (people). Set up five candles in a cross pattern, an equal distance between them all (earth in the direction of magnetic north, air to east, fire to south, water to west, spirit in the center). Place the bowl right next to the spirit candle, on the southern side of it. Set up your incense in front (on the inner-facing sides of them) of the candles. Get naked, yes. N A K E D, no jewelry either (yes, this means no fucking piercings or wedding rings) and put them somewhere safe outside your ritual area — Non-optional, these things fuck with energy fields. Make sure the wine, apple, and knife are in your ritual space. Perform the greater invoking ritual of the pentagram, visualizing a curtain of ultraviolet light forming a curtain separating you from the rest of the world just past the outer edge of the 4 directional candles. Light the four directional candles, each with its own match, starting at north and working clockwise. Light the four incense, again, starting at north, each with its own match. Leave the used matches on both sides of the directional candles (each at their respective candle & incense). On the northern side of the black candle, kneel, facing the black candle. Light the black candle, and place the used match in-between you and the candle. Bring the bowl in front of you, pouring in a bit of wine in it. Next, take your knife in your left hand (non-optional), and cut your right palm, bleeding in to the bowl. Next, cut the apple in to quarters, then setting each apple quarter along the 4 cardinal elements (earth/air/fire/water) of the bowl, so that each quarter is touching in the center, the skin of the apple should be facing skyward. Now, the real working starts, chant the following enn 108 times while visualizing the seal of Lilith glowing in black flame above the bowl: Renich Viasa Avage Lillith Lirach.
Once the 108 recitations are complete, say aloud “Le-Olahm Amen”.
Next, speak the following:
“Lilith, O Majestic One — Queen, Ruler, and Helper,
Hear my call to You, take of these humble offerings what You will,
Infuse these earthly representations of my offerings to You with Your energy and will,
So that in partaking of them, I partake of You, as You have partaken of I,
That in doing so, I am joined in Holy Union with You,
Accepting Your will and grace as part of I forevermore,
That I may be made pleasing to You, Impeccable One.
Praise to You, O Glorious and Radiant One, Lilith, My Love.
Blessed Be.”
Bow your head.
Return to a normal kneeling position.
At this point, eat the apple quarters (seeds, stem, and all, don’t be a pussy), then drink the liquid in the bowl.
Next, pour more wine in to the bowl, and squeeze some more blood in to it, and leave it sit.
At this point, transition to a full or half-lotus sitting position, then focus on visualizing the seal of Lilith overlapping with your body while reciting Lilith’s enn for 108 sets of 108, again ending by saying “Le-Olahm Amen. When you are finished with meditating, finish drinking the bottle of wine, leaving what’s in the bowl in the bowl. Visualize the energy curtain fading away. Take everything except the bowl and candles (in their respective holders) if they’re still burning. Just leave the bowl where it was until the next full moon.

That’s all there is to it. As with anything magikal, sincerity and faith are key. It may seem simple or silly, but in doing this, you permanently open yourself to Lilith. No backsies, if you’re not serious about inviting Lilith in to your life for good, don’t do this, that simple.


Why do you need all these items? What is their use?

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Tapping into various energies and symbolism to help get in the right state of mind. In a nutshell, it’s designed to reinforce focus/intent in multiple ways at the same time in order to increase success rate for practitioners who may not have the same manner of training or experience I myself have had. Mindset plays a very important role when it comes to magik.


So all the tools are unnecessary if you can keep the right mind state?


Basically, buuuut, still useful for multitasking, so you get more done with less effort.

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