An introduction

Hello everyone!

I must admit, I fear I will fall into the traditional and perhaps copy-pasted introductions but alas, I’m not exceptional with words. Especially in the Internet. In fact, this is the first forum I’ve really found myself keen on joining and actually taking part in due to the number of likeminded individuals and fascinating advice I have stumbled across during the lurking phase.
That being said, I shall begin!

My name is Realta. I am 26, from Scotland and have personally felt drawn to the metaphysical and such from the age of about 11. I was raised a Catholic and even attended faith schools but I felt this constant state of unrest within that rather oppressive environment and began to study other paths but realised that first I needed to work on finding my own self first instead of following the cookie cutter life that was previously imposed upon me.

Occasionally, whenever I have come across others on this path, they have often stated that i have some spark about me that would prove useful on my journey, however this was during my teen years so I never felt able to either question these statements further nor was I in the correct headspace to pursue anything.

I am now.

Within the past 4 years, I have practiced in both alchemy and herbalism as well as enchantments however I wish to dip my toes in further.

I have an interest in evocations and conjuring in particular and have just begun to work with Duke Dantalion (to whom I am very grateful) to assist me on acquiring knowledge among other things and I wish to spread deeper into other realms.

The bottom line is that I want to become the best I can be and pour my mind, body and tentatively soul to achieve my fullest potential.

It’s a pleasure to be here and greetings to you all!


Hi and welcome.


Welcome to the forum Realta, nice to have you here :hugs:

Welcome. Since you mention wanting to go further, I put forward the suggestion of zazen. It is a simple but potent practice. Sit in the full lotus position, focus on sitting in the full lotus position, be nothing but the full lotus position. Let everything fall away while in the full lotus, focus your mind, body, and, spirit, in only the position. That is the general nature of zazen. We are incredibly potent beings once we attain harmony and unity of self, which aids us in whatever endeavors we pursue.

Welcome to the forum.

Thank you so much for your suggestion! I shall definitely look into it!


This sentence is an oxymoron.

Welcome, love.

Im from Scotland too! :blush:

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What can I say? Perhaps it’s due to my contrary nature or due to the fact I like to eat dictionaries for breakfast :wink:

Thank you! I’m glad I finally took the plunge. It’s nice to finally be in a place with both like-minded and different people who are working towards similar goals.

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Nice! It’s great to see a fellow Scot in the wild!


Likewise! :blush:

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Well, it’s more beneficial than eating the first three letters of those objects for breakfast. :smirk:

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Oh I’m not so sure about that.
Both of them serve their purpose.

Welcome sweetie!!!

Another one living in the UK on board!

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Hahaha. Well played. I look forward to further interactions.

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Thank you!!
Man I really wanted to make a British empire joke but alas it’s caused me grief on the past since jokes aren’t allowed on the Internet anymore.

Regardless, I’m really happy to see Brits on the Internet and I’m not sure why. Maybe I’m convinced that we’re only able to handle 5 people on the Internet at one time. At least that’s what my wonky download speed likes to suggest

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Pms and certain threads are for that.

I think we censor ourselves enough outside.

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What is a redcoat’s favourite game? Conkers.

I’ll see myself out…

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