An introduction!


I go by my initial of K on all internet things.
I’ve only recently begun my practical work after many years of being fascinated with the Occult since childhood, though I previously lacked the work ethic and personal balance needed so until now there was more a philosophical and artistic approach, so since beginning actually these things have improved tenfold. I feel a natural inclination towards the Left Hand Path or darker ways e.g Luciferian/Theistic Satanism, Draconian current… probably as I have an inborn trait of making everything as difficult for myself as possible haha. But generally the Gods and Spirits on these ways are as beautiful to me as they are powerful and fearsome.

At the moment I’m working through some basic exercises from the Draconian current, some rituals/chants/invocations I found on VK Jehannum’s site that I really liked, chakra work and you know general basic work like meditations/visualisations and all that etc.

At this stage my goals are to work through the Qlippoth (after some more laying down my groundworks), learn as much as I can about the deities that fascinate me and that I feel pulled towards as well as of course honing my skills and growing not just on my magick but as an individual also. I’m a musician also and I plan to venerate these Gods and beings deeper in my music.
My current struggles are currently just scheduling, though I manage to usually do my workings twice a day. And the usual stuff that happens when things start to work, you know overcoming some of the anxieties, sleeplessnes, making sense of the strange dreams etc.

I hope my intro was sufficient!




Hotep welcome, I am Nashoba Eloym call me Nashoba though. Balance Left and Right Dark and light to make things simple. Daemonic Masculine can get out of control for me I Fully Awakened when I traced my Roots and found the Goddess that Birthed my Lineage. This is just my Opinion mind you. I have Three Beautiful children and I’m only 29 shit hasn’t been easy though. Balance Meditate and Write a Bunch. There’s a Post in here about the Magnum Opus. Maybe check it out . Read alot of the stuff on here take what is significant to you.

Hey, thanks for the advice.

I’m very much about balance these days, so whilst I’m naturally drawn to the darker areas and Gods I still have space for the light and don’t consider those practices a space I won’t go. While I am a hetrosexual male I have a lot of feminine energy so I find myself drawn towards both the dark and lighter sides of feminine divinities and try to balance both the feminine and male energies within me.

Thankyou for your advice, I will delve into as much as I can!



Hello :wave:t5::slight_smile: Welcome to the forum.

Welcome to the forum.

Welcome to the BALG forum.

Nailed it there Bruh Divine Feminine Daemonic Masculine is where I found peace within, good luck man blessings.