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I was in a Catholic seminary for four years, dropping out just before ordination. Went to Israel for nearly four months, was on the Temple Mount, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Galilee area, etc. This included a few weeks in Egypt. I do not feel any need to disregard or disrespect any of this. I feel the same about the individual and group rituals and workings I did after my seminary time. I do not have any bad feelings about anything. I sometimes wonder if I should feel like I have done wrong with what I’ve been up to since the seminary, calling on the deities and all. But at gut level I do not feel or think that I have done wrong.

This reminds me of about 1988-1989, my 1st year in the seminary. What was in a sort of fashion back then among the catholics, ones who were charismatic, was imagining that witches were everywhere, behind every rock and corner, bedeviling everyone. They actually got themselves into some trouble with their asinine talk. Accusing the rector of heresy did not help. That lump did not do or say enough for any sort of heresy! I ended up defending witches to one of these mush-heads, using the Vatican II documents that he, in fact, did not know at all, and I did because of my remedial extra year I did in the seminary because I did not have the supposed education that thIs other guy was supposed to have. He went to an undergraduate seminary while I got a liberal arts education and degree in anthropology.

Yup, there were some (some?) guys there with, shall we say, psycho-emotional difficulties.

Afterward I kept running across treacherous types, types who cared more about their egos and short-term gain than anyone or anything. I’ve never, so far, been involved with anyone dark or satanic. But everywhere it’s been ego and shallowness and treason. In fact they like to accuse me of that. I think all these people would say they were with the light, good, blah-blah. But treachery, shallowness, etc rules their souls. I don’t think any of them can go beyond mere belief, a shallow thing anyway. This included those calling themselves psychics, shamans, intuitives, reiki masters, etc. A big fear of spirits and other beings as well. These people DO NOT like free beings. Spirits and beings should at the very least be under their absolute control. At most other beings should be nothing but pools of energy. I have always hated that reasoning. Back in 2006 I was in a 9-day coma. First thing after the hospital I went to see a psychic who called herself a shaman, still does in fact. First thing she said was that the gods want to give me their energy. That sent her into a tirade about how the gods were not really persons but merely pools of energy. THEN she said, “But they say that if you still want to think of them as people, that’s okay”

Sooooo…… Huh? Obfuscate much?! Was she interjecting in her own views with the real communication? Or was she arguing with the not-so-psychic voices in her head? Could never figure that out.

I want a reading from Mr. Koetting. But after my experiences I’m a little gun-shy. But honestly after what has been done to me already, there’s nothing to fear. And I’m not afraid of any demons or anything else. If any of these lumps have ever did anything to me like curses or whammies or whatever, I would be surprised. Seriously, who or what in their right mind would want to do anything these people would say?!

Tell the truth, I am impressed by the reasonableness, properness, and propriety among many of you. In fact, I DO NOT encounter any of that anywhere else.

This was all typed up at work, and kind of quick. If you have any questions, go ahead and ask.


Welcome to the forum.

Welcome to the forum. You’ll find a lot of knowledgeable and kind people here who enjoy helping others. Even though this is generally a Left Hand Path forum, not everyone has the same exact beliefs, but that’s alright, it adds more diverse points of view to each situation that is brought up.

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I was born and raised Roman Catholic. It was all about the “faith” the belief, basically. And it works, certainly in comparison to materialistic atheism that so many people practice, and while the “faith” can bring oneself through the hard times, it doesn’t necessarily make anything better, and it is a hard sell when you have things like doctors pushing pain pills and other “why suffer because it is pointless” kind of ideologies.

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