An Interesting Tarot Meditation

In Builders of the Adytum and Fraternity of the Hidden Light, Paul Case suggests that you use the Universal Tablet:
Cards 1-7
Cards 8-14
Cards 15-21
The first row of cards are keywords for denoting the seven qualities in man, chakras, senses, etc.
The second row of cards are Spiritual Laws
The third row are Offices or Agencies
Example: Magician purifies his inner nature and by the battle between the white queen and the red lion, alchemy takes place through Strength, defeating Material Bondage, the Devil.

I looked at it differently today, twelve cards each in rows of three cards:
Magician Justice Devil – Notice the arms, and tools and hands. The law is in between the Magician and the Devil. From Wand to Sword to Finger while something is held in the balance.
High Priestess Hanged Man Star – All deal with water and the senses
Empress Death Moon – No insight on this originally, Venus and two water signs. Upon closer inspection, these two water signs are two paths in the tree of life, one to the sun, one to the earth, through Netzach.
Emperor Temperance Sun – This appears to complete the four stage alchemy process, the Sun the tincture is derived through alchemy, from the King-Emperor through fire. From the Bornless Ritual: “…King, Ruler, Helper…”.

The other ten cards in order laid out like the tree of life has some interesting insights as well, though its beyond me how Lovers is not Tiphareth.

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