An Interesting Question - Flying Ants

Hi all,

Have a Blessed Week.

My House seems to be infested with Black Flying Ants.

They used to come after Sunset, like soldiers, and leave after a couple of Hours.

Today, they made an Exception and came also in the morning…

I live in a caravan across from a big Public Park.

This seems strange behaviour for Ants…

I read that Black ones are good and red ones are. I also read that they are connected with the Dead…

What do you Guys Say?

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Are they big enough to eat? (joke)
Is it in season for them? If not, it’s clearly a sign.

If you have them but not your neighbors, that would be a clear sign, too.

Are they normal there this time of year or no?


flying ants swarm to mate and to find anesting for the winter… uhm I hope you called somebody to look at your house lol

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Not normal…
Lived there for three months and never had them…

They seem to stick to my body like I’m made of sugar…


It’s Summer Here in Israel…

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yeah exactly what they dp during the summer

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or to just find a nestlng place I’m not an expert

@Angeela You know sweat is salty, not sweet…

They look for food, especially sweet food…

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you’ve still called somebody to know more right? not just relying on it being a magick thing?

also I wrote to mate meaning they’re looking for a new colony and or looking to mate this time of year. seems like they’ve infested your house but that’s just from a mundane pov

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I’ll look into it.


@Angeela You seem to be Smart and I respect Brains…

Now Home, no ants anywhere…

How do you explain that?

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I am not super experienced with that but even if it was a sign, what would be the meaning behind that ?
And no this isn’t a strange behaviour, I’ve seen that many times where I live. They are looking for food, so yes, they will get into houses to look for some.


I get it can go both ways, and more often than not the mundane explanation is right and it is summer…

What time of day do they usually Mate?

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I haven’t heard of acts been connected with the dead but they could be. Especially given the role they play in nature.

The Ant totem symbolizes strengh and teamwork. So these could be areas in your life you need to work on.

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I Googled it: They are connected with Death and Industry- patience and hard work.
Black-good, red-bad omens…

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