An interesting experiment?

What did I do here. This was very very interesting. I’m assuming some sort of projection because my third eye area ached after.

But someone asked me for a past life sort of reading. I thought “hey instead of cards or other physical tools let’s use our mind and our inner vision. You had some successful reads with that before” but nothing with past lives or anything I tried like this with yet.

I kind of proceeded to close my eyes and leave my body. I saw myself through this wormhole sort of thing from a lying down point of view. I was traveling through this thing very very fast.

Next thing I know I’m in Egypt staring down at tourists and people riding camels and such from a birds eye view traveling forward slowly as If I’m a bird slowly gliding above pyramids in Egypt looking down. I felt completely disconnected from my physical reality. I had no intentions ahead of time where I wanted to go exactly. Just “see what this person did in a past life” as I passed the great pyramid. Everything kinda went dark and the world around me morphed into an outer space environment. I then saw a human fetus not connected to anything or anyone. Just floating in space, eye sockets empty and face shrunken in but I saw a heart beat which was weird.

I woke up a little out of breath and a slight annoying headache. Would you perhaps say this was regular astral projection or I went somewhere somehow or. Thanks guys.

This was eons ago by the way I just thought of it now so I made a post to ask about it.

Point of this thread was I am almost certain I left my body. But I’m making this to make sure. So by the sounds of it would you say I potentially left my body. Cause this is how “I been attempting to leave my body” for quite some time. I’m pretty sure it’s mainly imaginative but then again the imagination is a brings to the astral so is it technically astral projection then considering I lost all sense to my physical reality or what.

This was pretty much all just an experiment to see what would happen and if I could find answers through visuals. So perhaps I just did some sort of scrying into my eye lids? lol

The Egypt scene sounds like astral perfection with full bilocation aka site contact. The weird baby thing sounds like you were going back to sleep and dream elements were reentering your mind.

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So I succeeded at least at the end of the day. That’s how I always been attempting to leave my body but was never ABSOLUTELY certain I was actually leaving my body if that makes sense. Good to know I been doing it right this entire time.

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