An interesting experience [dream analysis]

I’m not sure what category fits with this but it is a dream I just had and experience.

Earlier I came to my room to lay down. I decided to look around on here and saw about Kendall and what he is offering at this time. I decided to go with it seeing that I do need a good jump start persay.

Well after I couldn’t help but to be excited for it and he never did say when he’s doing it which is good. You don’t want to feed to much into things like this. So I just decided to watch some YouTube and read. But that’s when it started to get a bit interesting.

As I’m laying there I felt as though some beings were in my room. I felt them but didn’t think to much on it. I acknowledge them and pretty much just kept reading. A few minutes latter I felt as though something started to happen and felt this energy come into my body. It didn’t bother me besides being somewhat well pleasurable.

But the interesting part is after about two minutes of this I felt extremely sleepy because I felt so calm and so happy. Best way to explain is like having a huge dinner of your favorite food and lay down in your bed. I then fell asleep only to have this dream.

In the dream I had gotten a package envelope kinda like you get from an Etsy shop. I opened it to pull out a roundish container. It was like you get with some ointments or stuff you get in cylinder container. But it wasn’t an ointment. I’m not sure what it was. It had a solid looking base but too was liquid. The liquid was a blue color and had glitter and glitter shapes like stars. It was pretty. But I noticed it was slightly wet. I thought some may have leaked but it happens.

The next object I pulled was a small solid white vile like you have oils in. But on the front in this green print was a picture of candles on this candle holder then on top of that was “Lilu” Then slightly underneath was “Traditional candle anointing oil 8oz” I put that down and pulled out another but a small bottle of perfume. It was the size of a nail polish bottle basically. That I realized was what leaked. The smell was very flowery and really smelt good. I still had a bit left in the bottle.

That’s when I decided to look up the shop to let them know what happened. I looked at the bottle and before my eyes like a hologram came up information about this person though I don’t remember the exact details on them. I just know it was a young woman that was in a dress with a black top and loose flowery bottom standing in front of some green foliage.

When I was waking up I felt drunk lol I couldn’t till if I was up or still asleep. But man that was very fascinating.

Just thought to share this with you guys.

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Dreamwork usually go in Divination as they’re used for soothsaying/prophecy and/or it takes some divination work to interpret them. :slight_smile: :+1:

They’re also highly personal and symbolic or metaphorical, with memories mixed up with symbols and worse, when you don’t know about a thing, the subconscious finds the first thing in your memory that it reminds you of, and uses that to say ‘well, it’s like this’ but then people take that literally and the real meaning is buried.

It’s worth sitting own with pend and paper, making a list of the objects and ideas and asking yourself what this means to you, what it represents if it was a part of you or your life, and go from there. Pay more attention to the emotions than the imagery. How you feel about a thing can clue you in to what it actually represents.

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I did some hard thinking on this and I think at least part of it was me getting ready for a ritual. Though the perfume is still a mystery because A. I don’t wear perfume B. Most of it was empty as if it leaked. That’s where I got stumped.

However I know that I was visited and this maybe a message to me. How I feel right now is for me not to give up. That right now it may seem as if things are on hold but for me not to give up.

So it could also be a promise that I will be able to get back to doing things once more in the near future. :thinking: