An idea I had

You guys know how I’ve gotten pretty good at direct magick (using energy manipulation and willpower to directly cast magick without ritual)? I had an idea that would be basically an extension of this.

Imagine using a technique where your words are literally magickal. Things you speak holding more power than they normally would. I’m not talking like chanting godnames or anything, I mean more along the lines of fantasy magic incantations written in rhyme or prose. I think it would be cool to use your voice to guide your will like that, and I know it is possible.

The question is whether or not I should develop a technique for it…

Oh, and if you, oh say, were a musician/singer, you could easily use it to become OP.

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Ok so this is a thing first off :grin:
Look into the “lore” in skyrim. I know that sounds way out there but Azazel himself sent me in this direction when i was pondering the same thing. This and the systems of mantra,yantra and mudra.

If you wanna dive deep into it. Also king beleth can teach a method of emotional alchemy involving sound. This is what i have been learning from this spirit.

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I’m the kind of whacko that would develop it myself versus ask for help. I don’t do much spiritwork, instead doing things under my own will…

That said, I may ask if I hit a wall and need help.

@Anziel_Merkaba Sounds like a spell in Ries in the Thirteen Tongues actually. The one that gives every word you speak the power of Senerron’s domain.


I am the same, most of my methods involve my own power. But i will go to spirits to learn, as a result of learning from sitri i had Dantalion,Beleth and sallos show up while i was practicing energy work with sitri and offer to teach me. Whole time im sitting here going… Whyyyyyyy?
They basically said cause i am willing to work. So i am building a learning relationship from these spirits. They arnt the first to show up either. Azazel popped up in my living room and named himself,titles and all so i could verify when i was meditating. Leaned over my shoulder and scared the daylights outta me cause i was not expecting it.

:expressionless: Bastard’s got a twisted since of humor bit knows what he is doing.


Eh, I’ve been told by a few people that if they didn’t know any better, they would have assumed I’ve been practicing for anywhere from 3 to 5 years. I am an intuitive practitioner who became a real chaote.

I mean, I have spirit familiars, but I kinda just let them do whatever unless I need them for something. Although I do occasionally ask them how they are doing and what they think of things. Honestly, most of what I do could be considered unconventional by the views of classically learned occultists… although I do suck at grounding for whatever reason…

I still do think I want to work on that system to use my voice like that though.

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This is where asking the right questions comes in handy, you can explain what you know what are are tryin to learn. Depending on how you communicate they can show you directly or lead you to source the methods. This has been my experience.

You may wanna look into grounding with martial exersise practices. In my case if i need a serious grounding i have a staff workout regiment i do.

I’ve wondered about this a few times, and if you look through old grimoires, you may see these words that may or may not be a spirit name, but they are at the least, obscure names said at the emotional height of the ritual.
Spring loaded, or stored charged names that do their own ritual or act. Much like the BALG incantations.

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Eh, I do some martial art exercises as well as other forms of grounding practices, but my astral/energy body doesn’t like to let go of what it has. With this other thing I did it will probably change though.

I was recently instructed to perform magick without candles. My “ritual” is just centering for a few breaths and activating my bodies, breathing in some energy from whatever source I need at that moment (the energy always fills my head), visualisation and directly channeling the energy into my candle( I don’t get to hold it and build it up any more). So like I said, I was told to do it without the candles. I didn’t know there was a name for it.
Can you tell me what you do for “direct magick”?

For the power words: are you saying you want to create new words?

I never perform the same ritual twice but I have had the usefulness of ceremonial magick explained to me like this: Just as the brain has neural pathways on which thoughts can flow easier the more used the pathway is, so are the energy pathways in our reality and collective consciousness. If we use the same pathways, ie say the same words, perform the same gestures, burn the same incense, etc, the magick has the benefit of riding along an already established pathway thus having an easier outcome than creating a new pathway every time.

While I totally see that, I fucking hate ceremonial magick and I want to do whatever I feel like at any moment in my ritual lol.
I am curious though for you to elaborate on what you mean. I am intrigued.

There do exist ancient words of power. One which comes to mind, which seems to have been misinterpreted (surely on purpose) is TETRAGRAMMATON. This is supposedly another name for JHVH or YAWEH, but I doubt it. It is the name name of a geometric shape which is the structure of the vacuum of space.
(reference Nassim Haramein)


Do you do them while maintaining direct contact to the earth? Ive notice a significant flux in how effective it is if i am insulated from the energies of the earth or not.

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I’m not saying make new words, or even use special words. I mean basically use your will and intent to charge your voice with power so whatever you speak carries that will and intent.

I hate ceremonial style magick too, although that’s partially because of the same things that lead me to becoming a chaote.

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Eh, direct physical contact, no, but an energy-link, yes. Distance is an illusion, near or far, you can reach either without strain.

Would you be repeating the words over and over?

Ideally, I’d want to do it where I don’t have to repeat myself, and with no prep necessary besides some basic mental prep.

In a sense yes but while on the phsyical, phsyical contact matters if that is where you are tryin to ground to.

It’s not always easy. I live on the second floor of the apartment building, and it’s really frikken cold outside. Not to mention my neighbors aren’t all too open to things, and I also don’t always have time to do stuff… Most of my stuff I do lately is when I’m in bed before I go to sleep.

Understandable it has been bloody cold. I generally haven’t worried about what my neighbors are or are not open to simply because it’s none of their damn business. If my workout doesnt interfere with anyone and i am breaking not laws or protocols my apt complex has they can think whatever they want. Wont change my work.

If you can stand the cold for 5-10 minutes of contact it may suffice for a decent grounding without health risks. Good for building discipline and trance work.

Eh, I’ll look into it.