An idea for a spell(peace-mental health help)

Hi guys, I want to make a peace/mental health spell for me, I’m in therapy for healing childhoods traumas and yesterday my intuition says me that a spell will help me too…but I don’t know what deity or demon can help, I’m thinking in Freyja,Cernunnos,Astaroth,Azazel or Lucifer because I trust them but I would like to know some that is well handled in those themes, do you know any?Thank you :black_heart::herb::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Healing spirits like Raphael, Marbas (although they tend to be more for physical if I understand correctly), as well as spirits that can help with shadow work, love (self love)… and maybe maternal spirits.

Not sure on specifics for the rest, but general catagories to look out for.

Someone once recommend Lady Unseere to me. She has to do with motherhood, whoever she could help you work though childhood traumas/etc, potentially.

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Hello!, how curious you talk about shadow work, just yesterday I was looking for information about that, I think that will help me too, thanks for the spirit-recommendations !

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