An Extremely Satanic Ritual

Intro and BackGround

I did a ritual before this one where i pushed the entire Acasual into the water in the bowl i was usng on my altar. I anointed my chakras with it and drunk the whole bowl. It fucked me up totally. In a Fuckin Good way. I even smell like burning flesh now lol.

Immediately Afterwards, i had the idea to Invoke the Whore of Babylon and Satan from the Book of Revelation, using wine. I went with it. It fucked me up twice as much.

The Ritual

Have a medium sized bowl filled halfway with wine and covered with a black cloth.
You will need 2 black candles one on each side of the bowl.

Hold each hand over each candle, feeling tje darkness and Satanic power bringing down the walls of reality.

Once you do,
Start evoking Satan and The Whore of Babylon to physical Appearance.

The flames will react and go crazy.

Once they are there with you, invoke them and their power as one.
Command that they transmute the wine into the blood of the Saints/Satans enemies.

Invoke the Beast of the Earth and The Beast of The Sea, then Proceed to transmute the Wine into the Blood of All Christians Slain in the past, present, and future.

Yeah. We gettin deep.

You will drink the Blood of Christians as the Ultimate act of Blasphemy against God and become drunk on the power.

Push power into the wine, seeing it in your inner vision boiling and the faces of tortured and murdered christians appearing inside of it.

Once you feel the transmutation is complete, take off the cloth which will be hot, and drink the whole fuckin bowl of wine.

You will at first feel clear. Then the beast of the Earths Power will kick in and you will feel someone rising up within you, full force. Thats Satan.
Allow this power to express itself how it will. I had minor convulsions whilst standing. Yours will be more intense.

Drink until you cant drink no more. Use the remainder to anoint your chakras and sprinkle some blooded wine through your house.

Afterwards, dismiss the Whore of Babylon and Satan.

End of the Rite

Please comment on your experience with this. And please…
actually do the rite.

Peace out,
The Grand Demon :metal:


I did a ritual similar to this although it was turning water to blood let’s say I blacked out I’m still figuring out what happened I did it with some friends they cain I had this “glow” about me that was terrifying so yeah…not quite the same but similar I think

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I’m gonna pencil this one into my schedule. Great work grand demon

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