An Experiment with The Holy Spirit of Christianity

another journal for me. Back in 2017 to September 2018 I was a Christian. I noticed an intense amount of energy that came from asceticism. Like an intense warmth in my solar plexus a divine spark so to speak. However, this would only continue if I was constant in prayer and abstainance. I couldn’t masturbate or anything like that and if I did it went right away along with the constant sense of guilt. I noticed this feeling would return when I started attending mass and would get blessed by the priest.

Remember this and remember it well. IF you are not a catholic you cannot partake in Eucharist because of the literal belief of transubstanciation. So, I would go up to get blessed rather than partake in Eucharist. Then, anytime I did anything sexual it went away. IT was also at this time I developed a connection to the archangel michael.

Anyway, it’s been years since then and I experience the same feeling when invoking beings like Freyja. A warmth, mostly in my face. I want to contact this Holy Spirit of Christianity again. And I have come up with a ritual way to do so. However, if you know better ways to do so I am more than welcome to your experiences an suggestions.

Step 1- Purification ritual.
Beginning off with the Asperges Me ritual and the the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram
Step 2- Similar to the LBRP I am going to invoke the archangels-the 4 corners as I call them after seeing them called that by Poke Runyon.
Step 3- The invocation of Jesus himself, having him guide me on this working
Step 4- The Catholic invocation of the Holy Spirit through the calling on of the Holy Spirit.
Step 5-Meditation on Agnus Dei
Step 6-Noting down my experience and then finally
Step 7- Meditation on either Agnus Dei or Dies Irae Dies Ira


The first thing I noticed when calling upon the holy spirit.
You see all the time in those televangelists how those people fall down to the floor when they receive the gift of the holy spirit? I experienced that. I lost balance and nearly fell to the floor. I asked many questions and received my answers.

The gnostics and the gnostic movement are the closest to getting what the Holy Spirit is. I asked “Are you from Yahweh?” and in response I recieved the answer
“I come from the supreme one” and asking for their name I was told
“I am called by many names, one of which is Sophia”

in response to “Why do people have so many different interpretations/corruptions of your movement?”
I received “Because the Human mind is feeble”
Theres so much I remember hearing but I can’t quite put them to words. I did learn the truth of what the speaking of tongues is. It is not as the charismatics say it is. It is the learning of mantras in different languages and the abilty to speak another language as your own. I have more work to do with this.

Any forms of grimoires to look into getting would be greatly appreciated

LAstly, in response to abstainance and asceticism, they told me “it makes no difference to the enlightenment” as to whether you should or not.


Adding onto this, one of the other things discussed was heaven. There is of course more than one heaven from what I have learnt

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I work closely with the Holy Spirit of Christianity. Dm me if you want tips or have any questions :slight_smile: Always happy to help people work with Him.


I can relate, when I somewhat consciously and definitely subconsciously viewed masturbation as bad, when I did it I’d often feel sad, guilty and drained after.


You are being trolled by the egotistical, attention seeker god of the desert. You have become a puppet and a slave for him. I’m sorry.

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Do you mind if I pm you regarding this?

I left Christianity behind a little over a year ago so I am no puppet. I sought out an experiment over what the Christians refer to as the Holy Spirit. I mean, if we can work with demons and angels why not what they call the Holy Spirit


Not at all. Shoot me a PM :slight_smile:

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@Kaorisan Curious question! Do you differ between the “Holy Spirit” itself as the divine source of creation etc, from the God described in the scriptures? Or do you work from the scriptures? Or a from a jailbroken-kind of Christianity?

Some speak of Yahweh as a thought-form/egoregore created by followers of the religious scriptures and it’s dogmas… basically falling into idolatry themselves (ironically enough) of a god pretending to be God :stuck_out_tongue:

Kinda like the scriptures tried to explain it all but couldn’t quite deliver the right message through it’s many iterations and translations - which would lead to beliefs of a god that isn’t God, ie the “Holy Spirit” (whatever that actually is).

I’m curious because I am currently doing some work with some tech called “the god function” that is basically described as a universal function of what you would expect the god/god-force to be like, but without all the human-inserted dogmas of the biblical deity.

Hah, did that even make any sense? :smiley:

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That’s how I see the Christian god